Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hunting Season {Celebration} Giveaway


Pre-Release & Release Week Celebration!
Win one of these killer Aurora Sky beaded bookmarks or purse charms!
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5 Ways to Win * 5 Winners Will Be Selected * INT
Ends: March 8th
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Book one is now FREE. If you haven't read Aurora Sky yet, start today. :D
Download links can be found on the Aurora Sky page.

1) Share Your Favorite [Aurora Sky] Scene

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- on the public bus w/Fane in book one
- sexting w/Dante in Northern Bites
- in the parking garage w/Dante in Bad Blood
Example: My favorite Aurora Sky scene is in the parking garage w/Dante in Bad Blood by @NikkiJefford #AuroraSkyReturns

Winner chosen: Randomly by looking through #AuroraSkyReturns hashtag use on FB, Twitter, and Instagram.

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3) Who Said It?

- Five quotes from Hunting Season.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sleep With A Vampire

Hunting Season Teaser Tuesday

Releases NEXT week!
Practice safe sex.
Sleep with a vampire.

FANE SMILED when he saw my expression. “Don’t forget, I know all about you and your stash of Trojans.”

            I’d nearly forgotten about my pit stop at the Jewel Lake Quickie Mart on my way to Scott Steven’s house. Fane had the unfortunate timing of buying smokes at the same time I was buying protection.

            “Your face turned so red when you saw me in line behind you,” Fane said. “Sorta like it’s doing right now.”
            He reached his hand forward to touch my cheek. I uncrossed my arms and batted it away.
            “That’s because I’d just come in from the cold,” I said.
            Fane shook his head. “You were embarrassed.”
            “You were an ass.”
            “Don’t forget, I offered to drive you home. Should have taken me up on it.”
            I sucked in a breath.
            Fane moved his chin back and forth lightly as though saying, you know I’m right.
            In the end, it would have been better to return home. I could have avoided the worst sex ever. I didn’t have anything to compare it to, but I was convinced it couldn’t get worse than Scott Stevens. Doing him ranked somewhere up there with stabbing a vampire to death.
            Schools ought to hire me to preach abstinence.
“Hey guys, don’t do it. It sucks—unless you meet a nice vampire because he probably knows what he’s doing and I bet he does it really well. Plus you won’t get pregnant or any STD’s. Remember, don’t take him to bed, unless he’s undead.”

* * *

Hunting Season releases next weeks!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wild Animals Teaser

Hunting Season Teasers every Tuesday until Release!   
"Some animals are better kept out in the wild."
Jared issued a sharp whistle. “Francesco Donado. He’s been around in more ways than one.”

           Jared shot me a sly glance. I kept my mouth clamped tight.
            When he saw I wasn’t going to take the bait, Jared continued. “We’ve had our eyes on him for some time. He hasn’t slipped up… yet. Sociable guy. Melcher’s going to want to put another agent on him, and it’s not going to be you.”
            “What? Melcher has no plans to recruit him? He’s not agency material?” I asked half-pissed and half-digging for as much information as possible.
            Jared rubbed his chin against his shoulder, keeping one eye on the road. “Some animals are better kept out in the wild.”
* * *

Hunting Season releases in 2 weeks!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

True Confessions BLOG HOP & Giveaways

Confession: I love sex scenes.

I love them in movies. I love them in books.

I read my first historical romance novel when I was 13, after which I no longer wanted to have sex...
I wanted to be RAVISHED!

And you know what? Reading romance kept me out of trouble growing up.

Romance gave me safe and satisfying experiences.

Romance taught me how a man should treat a woman. With humor, respect, admiration, gallantry, and passion.

No wonder I had such a hard time dating in high school and college. Real boys didn't stand a chance against Mr. Darcy. Let that be a lesson to all mothers, load your daughters up with romance!

The Losing It collection has been a pleasure to put together and be part of.

Our group went all out. We can't wait to hear what you think! If you enjoy the book, please mention it to your romance reading friends. This is a 2015 limited edition collection. Twenty-two sexy scenes for only 99¢.

Enter to win a lined Spellbound Writing Journal to jot down your own confessions or a signed copy of Entangled in paperback. (Winner's choice.)

My Losing It story (Love Spell) is an extended scene from the Spellbound Trilogy. Book one, Entangled, is FREE. Download links are listed here.

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>>> Read all of our confessions and enter to win paperbacks and swag at every stop! <<<

Kristina Circelli (US)
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S.T. Bende (US)
Amy Miles (US)
S. M. Boyce (US)
Milda Harris (INT)
K. A. Last (INT)
Heather Hildenbrand (INT)
Ginger Scott (US)
Julia Crane (US)
Tish Thawer (US)
Misty Provencher (US)
Alexia Purdy (US)
Tamara Rose Blodgett (US)
A.O. Peart (US)
Bethany Lopez (US)
M.R. Polish (US/UK)
Julie Prestsater (INT)

Want to get down and dirty with the authors of Losing It? Join us in the Champagne Room on Facebook. Must be 18 or older to request entry.

Ready to Lose It?
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