Saturday, June 27, 2015

Market Your Audiobook - Shout It Out!

This post is a follow up to the Expanding Your Empire panel I was on at UtopIA (Thursday, June 18). I love audiobooks and the whole production process. There are thousands of story lovers out there who don't have time to read or have poor eyesight and are eager for narrated stories. The audiobook market is growing and it's a great place to be!

Today, I want to share resources and marketing tips.

To learn how the process works, ACX explains everything in bite-sized chunks on their website.

Ready to talk audio?!


ACX automatically sends 25 download codes after the publication of your audiobook. USE THEM! And when they're gone, request more and use those, too. (Do not hesitate to email the helpful ACX Team at

***My favorite place to find audiobook reviewers is the FREE Audiobook Giveaways page on Facebook. Join the page, read the House Rules, and post your audiobook. Interested reviewers will contact you. Within hours of posting, I had 10 requests. It was awesome!

Here is a starter list of audiobook bloggers who accept review requests:

Audiobook Jukebox

Eargasms Audiobook Reviews

The Guilded Earlobe

Audiobook Fans

The Bookie Monster

Audiobooks (Goodreads group has places to request reviews, etc.)

Audiobook Resources (Lists audiobook bloggers)


Use those same download codes from ACX to run giveaways. I used these for a bunch of Facebook takeover/group parties during the first quarter. It's an effective way to get the word out and doesn't cost a cent.

Get Creative

Last summer, following the release of my first audiobook, I interviewed my narrator, Em Eldridge live on Google Hangout On Air.

Em's a voice actress, why not let readers actually hear her answer questions? And the handy thing about Google is they automatically post the video to YouTube where the interview can be found and watched at any time. (See: Q&A with Audiobook Narrator Em Eldridge.)

This past April, I brought Em back to answer questions during an audiobook release party on Facebook for Northern Bites. Readers kept her busy the entire hour. Twelve authors donated audiobooks for giveaways. The whole thing was a blast!

I'm excited to say that I heard back from dozens of readers who'd listened and/or bought their first audiobook after the party and plan to listen to more. Music to my ears. ;-)

Be Vocal

Hey, this is audiobooks we're talking about. Share progress reports while your audiobook is in production. At the very least, let readers know when the book releases.

When I'm selling paperbacks at events people often ask if it's also available in eBook. I say, "Yes, it is. And it's also in audiobook." Reminders help!

> Include Audible, Amazon, and iTunes in your buy links everywhere you post your book (website, blog, social media posts, etc.)

> Send out a release announcement to your newsletter subscribers. (Maybe even combine it with an audiobook giveaway and/or release party. ;-) Feel free to contact me about including an Aurora Sky audiobook giveaway. I'd be happy to donate!)

> Share progress updates during the narration process. At the beginning of the month, I posted the below photo to show how far along Em was in the narration process of Bad Blood. I also like to share bits that made me laugh out loud while proof listening the audiobook.

> Headphone graphics are fun and get the message across quickly on social media.

Whispersync for Voice - You Want It!

This fantastic feature allows Kindle readers to switch seamlessly from the ebook to audio (or visa versa) without losing their place. And it qualifies Kindle readers to purchase audiobooks at greatly reduced rates (as low at $1.99) when they purchase the ebook.

You want at least your first audiobook with Whispersync to build your audience.

This feature is decided entirely by ACX. It happens automatically for lots of authors... I was not one of them.

Seven months after my first audiobook released, only 94 copies had sold. In February, I decided to do something about that. I emailed ACX and requested Whispersync for Aurora Sky. Within two weeks, they granted my request and my sales more than doubled in the first month. I sold more audiobooks in one month than I had in the previous seven! The timing couldn't have been more perfect as it coincided with the release of Aurora Sky #2 at the end of March.

It's amazing what you can make happen simply by ASKING.


From time to time, ACX hosts a live twitter chat that is incredibly informative. They brought on Kate Tilton in March. My brain nearly exploded with all the helpful tips I got out of that one hour. Look up the hashtag on Twitter. The info is still there!

Continue the Conversation...

Thank you for stopping by. If you have questions or tips/resources you'd like to share, please give me a shout on my author FB page. (Look for the dog with the microphone and feel free to post in comments.)

Tune In

Finally, if you'd like to give Aurora Sky a listen, the first two books are only $1.99 each with Whispersync for Voice (links posted below) or give me a holler if you'd like a review copy.

Thanks for lending your eyes and ears! ;-)

Volume 1
Only $1.99...when you download the Kindle book FREE!

About: Thanks to her rare blood type, Aurora Sky is forced to hunt vampires in Alaska while juggling school, boys, and bad decisions. All she ever wanted was to get off the iceberg she calls home. That was before her mom went and made a deal with the devil. Now Aurora’s been paired up with an overzealous partner committed to taking down the entire underworld. At school she’s tormented by Mr. Tall, Dark, and Maddening—Fane Donado—who behaves a little too much of the vampires she hunts.

Download your free copy here (US) or here for UK.

Volume 2
Only $1.99
...when you buy the $2.99 Kindle book.

 Volume 3
New Release!

Volume 4
In Production

Em Eldridge is narrating the entire series and is now at work on #4, Hunting Season, which will be finished July 24th.

This summer chill with Aurora and the gang in the snowy wilds of the Last Frontier. ;-)


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the #TalkingACX chat I did Nikki! I did a little quick tips post which includes a transcript that you might enjoy: Best of luck with your audio books!

    1. Hi, Kate! Thank you for popping by and sharing your quick guide. I have learned so much from you. Much appreciation! :D