Monday, April 27, 2015

$1.99 Audiobooks - Entire Series Going Audible

Had a blast with everyone who showed up to the Northern Bites audiobook party on Facebook last week!

If you missed the exciting news, here it is:

1) Em Eldridge will be narrating the entire AURORA SKY series in audiobook. Production on Bad Blood (Aurora Sky #3) begins mid-May.

Only $1.99!

2) Amazon is now offering the first Aurora Sky audiobook for the killer price of $1.99 when you download book one FREE. Grab this killer steal here.

3) Northern Bites (Aurora Sky #2) just released AND Amazon has also reduced the price of the audio edition to $1.99 with purchase of the ebook on Amazon. Wasn’t expecting that on a new release!
(Authors have zero control over audiobook pricing with ACX.)

If you tune into Aurora Sky and enjoy your listening experience, we’d greatly appreciate reviews and recommendations. :D

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Thank you for tuning in!

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