Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tongue Teaser - Hunting Season

Hunting Season Teasers every Tuesday until Release!   
Forget flowers and chocolates,
Nothing says "I care about you" like an extreme series security system.
(My content editor's favorite line in Hunting Season.)

AFTER FANE FINISHED installing the second camera, he lingered inside the living room. He didn’t sit, nor did he show signs of leaving.
            “So Noel’s out on mission?” Fane asked.
            He took a step closer, both eyebrows raised in question. “Want me to stay over?”
            Did I want Fane to stay over? Did bears shit in the woods?

            He had stayed over the night before without my knowing it until that morning. If I wasn’t so worried about Dante, I’d say we most definitely deserved a do-over. But the timing was never right. I’d once spent the night at Fane’s. He’d taken the couch and given me his room. His bed. The week before he’d slept on my couch, not that I’d known he spent the night until the next morning. One of these days we needed a sleepover that involved actually sleeping together—same room, same bed.
            I cleared my throat. “That’s nice of you to offer, but I have a lot of sleep and homework to catch up on.”
            Fane smiled slightly as though seeing right through my excuse.
            “I won’t bite this time.”
            My cheeks burned. I screwed up my face and scowled. Smug bastard.
            “How’s your thigh?” he asked, eyes dropping to the tender spot near my groin.
            “How’s your tongue?” I shot back. He’d bit it hard enough to draw blood.
            “As good as new. See?” The fiend ran the tip over his upper lip.
            Rather than recoil with indignity, my body quivered in hunger. Blood cravings were one thing. Fane cravings were a hundred times more demanding.
* * *

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