Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Good Girl Gone Bad - Teasers

Hunting Season Teasers every Tuesday until Release!  
Just switch the hair colors around. ;-)
 Fane jumped up from the chair, but the two muscled men were on him before he could make it another step.
Dressed all in black, Fane and I looked like a pair of matching bookends. It reminded me of Sandy at the end of Grease—good girl gone bad—my Olivia Newton-John to Fane’s Travolta.
If only we could break out into song and dance rather than combat.
Gabriella and Lee at the Hunting Season photo shoot.

Lee (aka: Fane) getting his hair styled before the photo shoot.

“I couldn’t find a ladder,” I said. “Hope the chair works.”

Fane grinned. “Good thing I’m tall.”
        Tall, dark, and so damn hot. I’d had a thing for Fane ever since I first saw him stroll by at Denali High School in his black garb and blond mop of hair on top of his head. He was the only Goth boy I’d ever seen who didn’t dye it all black. No, not Fane. He went for Barbie blond. And like a little girl, I had a sudden urge to play with it—more specifically, run my hands through the thick patch up top.

At times, I felt like our time together had only been a dream. A fantasy. A figment of my imagination. Two weeks together. Not nearly enough time.
* * *
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