Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hunting Season (Aurora Sky 4) Production Schedule

Now that everything is booked, Hunting Season has a tentative release date of November 18th.

This one has quite the body count. It's edge-of-your-seat action, thrills and naughty delights. Gotta keep those tootsies warm somehow up there in the Far North!

Here's a look at the upcoming production schedule:

Cover Photo Shoot

September 14th or 21st

Gabriella is back as Aurora along with Lee (Fane) and Graham (Dante). The fabulous Teresa Yeh will be doing the photography once more for book covers 4 - 6 and has promised us behind the scenes photos from the shoot. Yee-ha!

Finished Cover

October 21st

After Claudia from Phatpuppy Art puts it all together and Naj from Najla Qamber Designs does the typography - I may just have a cover reveal ready before Halloween.

Beta Readers

September 6th - 21st

Content / Copy Editing

September 22nd - October 6th

I've got my editing dream team back on the hunt:
S.M. Boyce, Author of the Grimoire Saga
Kara Malinczak, Great Imaginations/Editing Services
Rachel Joyce, Brightside Editorial

Copy Editing

October 13th - 29th

Final Copy Editing / Proofreading

November 1st - 14th


November 15th - 16th


November 18th

And while that's happening, I'll be working on volume 5, Whiteout. Aurora and the gang are in a world of trouble and they want you along for the ride!