Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Aren't You Going to Invite Me In?" Teaser

This teaser from my WIP Hunting Season (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Vol. 4) is for Ali and Amber who blog at Ginger-Read Reviews, and all the Fane-tastic ninjas who made last weekend so special! Thank you to Ali for all the killer Aurora Sky character graphics and Amber for having them printed onto tote bags, mugs and tank tops for the Emerald City Author Event this past weekend.

I had such a blast hanging out with street team members, attendees and participating authors. Selling out of Aurora Sky, Northern Bites and Entangled was the cherry on top of the cheesecake. (Thank you to my Dream Team table volunteers: Janice from The Demon Librarian and her wonderful husband, Aldo!)

Here's to all the fabulous "Fane-iacs" out there! Follow Fane's board on Pinterest and please send me a link via Twitter or Facebook if you come across the perfect Fane-wear I can add to my collection of "Fane Fashion" on the board. :)

As Fane stepped out, I moved toward him. He pushed his car door shut with his shoulder and straightened. My eyes traveled up and down his body before I could stop myself.

            He’d gone back to black: combat boots, black jeans, black belt, and a black tee with a white distressed skull and cross bones across his chest.

            I swear that no man undead or alive had ever made a T-shirt look so sexy.

            There was a wide black leather bracelet wrapped around his right wrist. It looked like the kind used to shackle a person’s wrist to a bedpost.

            My feet stopped working. Fane had no trouble closing the distance. He stopped in front of me, shoving a hand into his front pocket, thumb resting over his belt, which caused me to look down, directly into the danger zone. My eyes shot back up. Fane smirked, missing nothing.

            “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

            I narrowed my eyes. Time to put the kibosh on any illusions he might be harboring over clothes coming off into a black pool on my bedroom floor.

            I nodded in the direction of the Jeep.

            “Can you teach me to drive a stick?”

            Fane studied me a moment. “This is a car we’re talking about, right?” The bastard stroked his belt with his thumb, drawing my attention back down.
With Awesome Amber at the Emerald City Author Event. I love this woman!
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