Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Into Health 28 Day Challenge + Free ebook

This is TOO good not to share!

Lindsay S. Nixon at Happy Herbivore is hosting a 28-Day Spring Into Health challenge. (Sign-up here.) It includes a free copy of her ebook "Couch to 5K," daily tips, motivations, suggested activities, inspiring facts, and more.

This isn't just about food, but being happy, healthy and fulfilled - a total lifestyle upgrade. :)

Starts: Monday, April 28

My husband and I started subscribing to Lindsay's 7-day meal plans a month and a half ago. It has:

- Freed up my time
More time to write, high five! I used to spend hours planning the week's menu. Now all I do is print out the shopping list and away I go. More importantly, everything is quick and easy to make, satisfying and tasty.

- Taken out the Guess Work
Lindsay does the work of making sure we're getting the proper nutrition, amount of calories, and my favorite: Portion Control!

- Saved Money
The subscription paid for itself in the first week. Because I wasn't buying all the usual packaged goodies and frozen pizzas, I saved over $60 on my grocery bill.

- Rescued Us From a Food Rut
I love eating, it also feels like a chore too often. We're trying things I never would have made. There are times I'm thinking, "No way is Seb going to like this" (like the sesame kale and quinoa last night) and then he does!

Breakfast Rave!

At first I was skipping the breakfast part of the plan, going on autopilot with my cereal, toast, and tea. This week I started making them and OMG, it's like starting my day with dessert, which is The Best way to begin any day.

Check these out:

Apple Pie Oatmeal (so good I did it again the next day)
Blueberry Crisp (had this morning - could eat every morning for the rest of my life!)
Carrot Cake Breakfast Salad
Caramel Cream Smoothie
Breakfast Banana Split

Can I eat breakfast for dinner? ;-)

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