Friday, April 4, 2014

Aurora Sky Book 3 & 4 Release Dates

Aurora returns to Anchorage after a brutal six months of boot camp. At least Melcher has set her up in a house within close walking distance of the University of Alaska Anchorage (as you can see in the above google map).

Bad Blood, volume 3, is off for eight weeks of copy editing - releasing in ebook around June 3rd.

Hunting Season, volume 4, is in the works and slated for a September 2nd release. It is now listed on Goodreads.

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And now a tasty teaser from Bad Blood for all you Dante lovers. ;-)
Dante slid my dress up to my thighs. The cool air instantly prickled my legs. They dangled out of the car. One of my flip flops slipped off. Dante stepped in between my thighs and wrapped them around his torso. Once I squeezed his waist between my limbs, he let go of my legs and went for his zipper.
My heart beat like a jackhammer inside my chest. I felt like I was trapped in a dream waiting for someone to scream, “Wake up, Aurora!”
My breath quickened. Liquid fire swarmed my open legs. Everything felt hazy and provocative. The voice of reason had run for cover knowing it was no match for Dante’s need to ravish me or my own desire to be taken in a fit of passion strong enough to cause volcanoes to erupt.
I had definitely been in the desert too long.
This was Dante. Goofy guy Dante: talks with his mouth full and makes immature innuendos. At the moment he was Dante: rock solid He-Man with fingers meant only for caressing every inch of my body.
There was nothing to stop us. We were both diseased, sterile—we had no life to give, only that to take, experience, and savor.
Find out what happens next this June! And never fear, Team Fane, I didn't forget about you. The dark prince returns. I don't want to give too much away.


  1. Ahh, that excerpt! You tease!

    1. Yeah, wasn't sure whether or not to go there. Couldn't resist. ;-)

  2. Wh-what??? *fans self* I think I need some more... like I need a glass of water, I'm suddenly feeling parched ;)

    Great excerpt Nikki!

    1. You ain't read nothing, yet. ;-)

      Thanks, Danielle.

  3. I need a shower. That was crazy Nikki and I'm ready for June.

    1. Thanks, Sheena-kay! Me, too! About June... and maybe the shower. lol

  4. I cannot wait! Such a great series. I only bought the series a few days ago and I have devoured every book.