Saturday, February 22, 2014

Entangled 2-Year Anniversary

 True Love Never Dies
Two years ago a lifelong dream came true - I published my first novel: Entangled.

What was meant to be a novella in a paranormal YA anthology turned into The Spellbound Trilogy. I have met so many kindred spirits because of this series: readers, bloggers, and authors. I have received the most touching e-mails from nurses, teachers, military wives, mothers, and teens - many who work god awful hours and simply want an escape at the end of the day.

Reality can be a harsh place. Thank you for joining me in my fantasy world.

If you haven't read Entangled, don't forget to download your FREE copy from any of these fine retailers:


  1. Wow! Happy two years, Nikki. Congratulations on producing an awesome series xxx