Tuesday, January 21, 2014


After four years in the San Juan Islands (off Washington State), Seb, Cosmo, and I are headed to the mainland.


To the cute college town of Bellingham. Just minutes from the Canadian, B.C. border.

I know my profile says I found paradise in these not-so-tropical islands, but paradise can become a sort of prison when you are limited to 55 square miles. With the cost, time, and hassle of ferries, plus having a dog, we rarely get off the island.

A foggy morning waiting for the ferry in Friday Harbor.

It's gorgeous here, not doubt about it. More than anything, I will miss renting on four acres and having trees for neighbors. I may even regret moving after we end up in a neighborhood again.

But there are things I really miss - like restaurants, book signings, young people, variety, friends, and day trips.

I spent most of my life in Anchorage, trapped between ocean, mountains... and Canada! I didn't move to the lower 48 to stay stuck on an island of 6,000 people.

Last summer I got my motorcycle license and let me tell you, there are only so many times you can ride around in circles on an island before you get bored. I am looking forward to riding the North Cascades Highway and getting a chance to explore this beautiful state.

We head out mid-February. As in NEXT MONTH!!!

Guess I better pack. And find a rental. And finish editing Stakeout. And Evil Red. And stay on track writing Bad Blood. And entertain visiting family the next two weeks (all of whom have back problems or a broken arm and can't help pack).

No, I'm not freaking out. Not one bit. ;-)

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