Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Aurora Sky Desktop Calendar and Giveaway

It's 2014 and we're celebrating with an awesome fantasy themed calendar created by author Kayla Curry. This calendar is for the background on your computer and you can get this month's image below. (Just right click and save, then set as your desktop background!)

Each month will feature a different book or series, so if you want to challenge yourself, try reading each book or series that is featured before each month is over.

Check back February 1st for the next calendar. Meanwhile, enter to win a real wall calendar and swag below my New Year's Resolutions post.

Right click and save as an image. Then set as your background!
New Year’s Resolutions

After Aurora Sky nearly dies and is forced to kill vampires for the government in repayment for her life, she comes up with some sketchy New Year’s Resolutions:

kill first vampire
get drunk
kiss a boy
lose virginity

My own list seems to be on repeat year after year:

Get in shape
Lose weight
Eat healthier
Read and write more books

Get organized

Budget better

I do like to throw in some fun things here and there, like learning to ride a motorcycle last year. Someday I’d love to learn to sail. I’d also like to pick up where I left off with my French and become fluent. Maybe learn some conversational Spanish. I wish I could travel more. That’s more of a fantasy than a resolution or maybe if I budget better… ;-)

What are your resolutions for 2014?
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  1. I actually don't do New Year's resolutions. If I want to do something, I'd start working on it as soon I as could and not push it off until the new year.

  2. To be less grumpy when my kids interupt my reading

  3. My biggest resolution is to read and review one book per week from my favorite publishing company .

  4. Eating healthy and get more reading done.

  5. I want to be more organized and less stressed.

  6. I don't make resolutions; I try to make changes throughout the year as I see the need in myself.

  7. I didn't make any resolutions, but I do want to start eating healthier and exercising this year.