Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aurora Returns Spring of 14!

Aurora's been working her booty off at boot camp, but she's returning in time to start her fall semester of college or - in your case, dear reader, returning this Spring to your nearest eReader!

The relationships are much more complex than they've ever been and I think fans of the series are going to be surprised and delighted every step of the way.

While you're waiting, here are a couple of texts between Aurora and Dante. They've been keeping in touch while Aurora's at boot camp.

Beginning of Boot Camp

Dante: Where are you?
Aurora: Classified.
Dante: How about a hint?
Aurora: Can’t.
Dante: You’re killing me, Sky.
Aurora: I’m the one at boot camp.
Dante: Try celibacy.
Aurora: Striking out with all the ladies?
Dante: Waiting for you.
Aurora: You think that’s going to help you score or something?
Dante: I’m counting on it.
Aurora: Don’t hold your breath.
End of Boot Camp
Dante: You up?
Aurora: Yes.
Dante: I could really use a hand with something.
Aurora: You’re sick.
Dante: Trouble sleeping?
Aurora: Obviously.
Dante: Thinking about me?
Aurora: Goodnight, Dante.
Dante: Wait.
Aurora: What?
Dante: I miss you.
Aurora: ok
Dante: Really.
Aurora: Well, I’m down to the last week.
Dante: Can’t wait to see your new moves.
Aurora: Try anything funny and I guarantee you will.
Dante: Is that a promise?
Aurora: Signing off!
Dante: Sign off while you can. You’re coming home in another week. See you soon, Sky… real soon.

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  1. I am not entering since I already one the cards but I have to say WOW!!! I loved this.. I dont know if I can wait much longer! I love this series!! Dante is sizzling!!

    1. Got your postcards from the Facebook Flash Giveaway in the mail, Donna.

  2. You know I love everything about your books! And the new cover art is just awesome. Every time I see a new cover it just blows me away. My fave so far is Stake Out :-)

    1. Thank you, Kim. That means a lot to me coming from a designer! :D

  3. Oh Fane. In a weird way I love him. I just love anything you write. You are one of the few authors I will stay up till 2 a.m. to finish your books ; even knowing I have to wake up at 6 a.m. to get the kiddos ready for the day lol.

    1. Loves Fane and stays up until 2 a.m. reading the books... Army Wife totally gets a set!

      Just pick out a magnet and email me your address. :D

      Two more postcard packs left!

  4. I'm not entering ether 'cause I just sent you an e-mail... BUT Dante makes me swoon! Nuff said ;)

    Also, I LOVE your new header!

    1. Thank you, Lili. Giselle helped me update. :D

  5. I can't wait to read the next one I finished the first 2 in a day!! Love these books.

  6. Oh I can't decide between Fane and dante, but Jared is no good. .

    1. True that, Hockenbury. lol

      Please email me (using the envelope icon on the top right beneath the blog header) an address to send postcards to and choose the NB or Bite Me magnet. :D

  7. Fane, please, forbidden love should work out... Dante can stay a friend.

    1. Forbidden love - great answer. :)

      Please email me (using the envelope icon on the top right beneath the blog header) an address to send postcards to and choose the NB or Bite Me magnet. :D

  8. I really love your books I cant wait to find out what happens

    1. Thank you, Summer.

      Please email me (using the envelope icon on the top right beneath the blog header) an address to send postcards to and choose the NB or Bite Me magnet. :D

  9. Fane should understand that Aurora loved him for himself because she didn't know he was a vampire at first. And it's heartbreaking to have her face death again and waiting for him to rescue her, only to never have him show up. Sometimes us girls just have to stand up and fight for ourselves! I have fallen in love with these books and I can't wait to see what happens next!