Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Indie Author Event Experience (SFINE)

I've been avoiding writing this post. Let me start with a nightmare I had two months leading to my first big indie signing in San Francisco (June 15th). In the dream I only sold one paperback and the person who bought it forgot to pay. I searched the event room and then took to the streets of San Francisco trying to track down this person who constituted my one and only sale. I wanted my twelve bucks, damn it!

 My real life experience wasn't far off.

I sold two paperbacks and one reader left hers on my table. I noticed this later, jumped up from my table and began searching the room. Luckily she was still milling around and I didn't have to take to the streets.

The Good

My table buddy, S.G. Holster. Total glam girl with a heart of gold.

Thessa, head volunteer organizer. I brought her a gift in thanks for her hard work and she brought me a hug - from author Rachael Wade who is friends with Thessa and told her I'd be there. Hugs are the best!

Andrea, a reader who brought her own copies of Entangled and Duplicity for me to sign and wanted to get a picture together.

Book blogger Ashley at Nose Graze for stopping by to chat and mentioning me in this post.

The Book Nerds who drove down from Medford, OR in their pink shirts going around from table to table collecting autographs in their cool self-made scrapbooks - and anyone else who asked for signatures on Kindle cases, totes, T-shirts, and posters. These lovelies know how to make any author feel special. Book angels all of them!

The Bad

Out of the 500 people who registered for the event, only 250 showed up. Stephanie and I tried to lure those who did show up to our table with free bookmarks and Ghirardelli chocolate. (Good one, Steph!)

Feeling like a small fish in a big pond. Actually, more like a fish yanked OUT of the pond, flopping around, gasping for breath.

The Frustrating

Waiting in a hotel shuttle line at the airport for an hour for a shuttle that didn't exist. (My poor husband. I'm the queen of assumptions and poor planning.)

Not being able to see much of San Francisco through all the fog.

Finding myself with three boxes of unsold books to mail back home on a Sunday. We ended up renting a car for the day just so we could load the trunk and drive to an open UPS store. One hundred dollars to ship back. I don't know why I get hung up on stuff like that considering the expense of the hotel, air travel, taxis, paperbacks, and eating out, but dang! At least Seb's suggestion that I buy a roll of Saran Wrap to protect my books panned out. They all arrived home in perfect condition.
With authors Laura A. H. Elliott, S.G. Holster, and Bethany Lopez.
In Conclusion

Unless you're a big fish, independently wealthy, have a great paying day job, or sugar daddy, keep your appearances local or online.

See you in Seattle! ;-)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spellbound Swag at Book Bash

Swag Attack!

If anyone is attending Book Bash in Orlando this Saturday make sure to stop by author Rachael Wade's table. In addition to her own awesomeness, she'll be giving out signed Entangled bookmarks and a few Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter door hangers.

And enter to win a paperback copy of Rachel's NA (new release!) sci fi, apoplectic romance: Repossession (if that doesn't sound fun I don't know what does!) at Goodreads. Enter from anywhere in the world!

To all my friends headed to UtopYA in Nashville this weekend . . . have FUN! Wish I was going! Maybe next year.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Win a Signed Entangled Paperback (Why Not?)

Not 20 minutes ago I promised my husband I wouldn't do any more giveaways . . . then Kathy's Spontaneous Midsummer's Eve Giveaway Hop popped up in my email inbox.

What can I say? It's a sickness. And I love anything spontaneous.

(Not the publishing company, the book!)

It's now free in ebook for Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and on iTunes, but nothing compares to holding this beauty in your hands. One signed, personalized, paperback is up for grabs.

A lot of people tell me they've heard of the Spellbound Trilogy, but there are just so many books out there and they haven't gotten around to reading mine. I can't promise you'll love Entangled, but if it does grab you it's a fast, fun read that most readers finish in a day.

So enter to win. Download your free ecopy. READ your free ecopy. And if you enjoy Entangled tell your friends!

Not only spontaneous, it's my last giveaway of the summer. (I promise, Seb!) xox

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, June 3, 2013

Golden Gate Giveaway (Paperback & Gift Card)

The San Francisco Independent Authors Event is NEXT week and sold out! I'm so excited to be a part of this and for the chance to interact (face to face) with readers and writers. My kind of people.

I wanted to do something fun for everyone who can't be there. The first is a signed paperback giveaway (US) toward one book by an author in attendance. See the full list of authors here. The second giveaway is a $5 Amazon Gift Card (INT) toward an ebook(s) by any of attending authors.

Signed Paperback Giveaway (US)

How to enter: 1) Let me know in comments which book you want - any title by any of the attending authors (excluding myself). 2) A way to contact you (email or twitter). 3) And a short note about why you want this title.

How the winner will be chosen: Opportunity! I'm going to play this one by ear. See what happens during setup or during the event. I'll pick someone in the moment.

Ends: Entries close the evening of Friday, June 14th. Winner will be contacted when I'm back in town June 18th.

$5 Amazon Gift Card (INT)

Can't leave the international folks out. This gift card is for use toward an ebook(s) by an author(s) listed at SFINE.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

SFINE Special

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter is only 99 cents in e-book now through SFINE. Anyone can take advantage of the deal at Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. (Kobo and iTunes take longer to update the price change.)

Volume two, Northern Bites, releases next month and is full of more butt-kicking action and dark twists.

Special Thanks

To author Killian McRae for organizing this event. I am so loving her historical romance A Love By Any Measure!

Karina Halle for giving me the heads up about SFINE (even though she bowed out of the event.) Fine, I'll go fangirl on some other authors!

For another indie event this month - big hugs to Rachael Wade who will be giving out Spellbound bookmarks while she signs paperbacks at Book Bash in Orlando on June 29th.

Seb who set me up with a Square credit card reader on his iPad and will handle the money end of things so I can focus on my favorite part - meeting readers!

My mom! Cher Jefford who is taking time out of her busy work season (I don't know if she's ever left Alaska during the month of June) to watch Cosmo so Seb and I can have a couple days of fun and adventure in San Francisco!

Can't wait!