Friday, March 22, 2013

Northern Bites * Cover Reveal * April 4th

Buffy and Faith - the inspiration for Aurora Sky, Vol. 2's cover.

Out of all my covers, Northern Bites (Aurora Sky, Vol. 2) has taken the longest to nail down. Naj and I began collaborating on it last month. We went through two drafts before Naj suggested I write a synopsis to get a clear idea of how to best represent the book. (Is she not the best? Who needs an agent when you've got a designer to talk reason into you?)

So, we took a break.

In the meantime, I kept working on the book and drafting a synopsis. What I found is that somehow Valerie pushed her way into a supporting role. Inspiration struck. I spent several days (and I don't want to admit how many hours) looking at Buffy and Faith photos and royalty free stock models I felt best represented the pair.

This morning I saw the mock up and I think it's pretty badass. With a few tweaks I believe it will really kick butt.

Check back here April 4th and let me know what you think or if you're a blogger and have reviewed volume one, SIGN UP to do a cover reveal. (Cover will be emailed April 1st.)

Blog Tour: March 25-30

Review tour schedule at Xpresso Tours.

Tour Giveaway & Promotion

Volume 1 will be on sale for 99 cents during the review tour and cover reveal for Kindle and Nook.

Enter to win a signed paperback of Aurora Sky, Blood Bath cherry scented shower gel, and Blood Transfusion mason jar with straw. The mason jar is awesome. I bought an extra for myself because I haven't been drinking enough water. Not a problem anymore.
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Enchantment (Spellbound #3) ARC Policy

Format: PDF, ePub, mobi

Release Date: April 9th

Book length: 75,000 words

***Reviews must be posted by May 13, 2013***

I love giving out review copies of my books and have been pretty lax about it in the past. For Enchantment I’m asking that only true fans of the series – those who have read + reviewed Entangled and Duplicity – fill out the request form for an eARC. 

If you have any trouble accessing the above form, please email me directly at nikki_jefford(at) with a link to both your Entangled and Duplicity review.

By requesting an ARC, you are agreeing to post your review at Amazon, unless you don’t have an account there, and/or Goodreads, and a blog if you have one (not necessary to request an ARC). I always appreciate cross-posts to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and Goodreads, but Amazon is by far the most helpful.

I will send out an email with purchase links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble once they go live.

Will there be an Enchantment Release Tour? Yes. The tour is scheduled May 13-23. The spots are filled, but I hope you will check out the reviews, guest posts, and prizes this May!

Are you a reader, not a reviewer?

Sign-up for a Release Day Notification to save 75% off the normal cover price in ebook.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

St. Patty's Special - Duplicity 99 cents

Add some green (and Gray) to your reading list and have a Magical March!

Download Duplicity for Kindle | Nook | or any device at Smashwords

Enchantment (Spellbound #3) Releases NEXT MONTH!!! It's my longest book yet and the first to take place entirely in Europe. Romance is in the air!

Book one, Entangled, is already free and you can get book three, Enchantment, for 99 cents on release day. Sign-up for a release day alert so you don't miss out. Luck be your lady.

If you read Duplicity and find entertainment value in it, please share your thoughts/feelings/reactions in a review. The book could especially use some love at Amazon (or B&N if Nook's your thing). I rely on word of mouth...Yours! ;)

Best wishes and many thanks to all the lovely readers out there.

A kick-ass Duplicity review by S.M. Boyce, author of the 
epic Grimoire Saga, and Book Trailer

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Northern Bites Cover Reveal Sign-Up

If you have read and reviewed Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, Vol. 1, Transfusion, be sure to sign up for an exclusive COVER REVEAL of Vol. 2, Northern Bites. The reveal will include a giveaway with an entry to follow the host's blog.

Cover Reveal: Thursday, April 4th

The cover will be emailed three days before The Reveal. You can post any time April 4th or any time thereafter so long as it isn't BEFORE the 4th. No April fool's surprises, sillies!

Northern Bites release date: June 27, 2013

More action, humor, and blood sucking coming your way! Add it at Goodreads. Sign up for a Release Day Notification.

Tentative Release Dates:
Volume 3Halloween 2013
Volume 4January 2014
Volume 5May 2014

Northern Bites Teaser:

I elbow jabbed the vampire holding me. He grunted, but didn’t let go. His arms circled over my chest to get a better hold. With Silver Tongue approaching, I had to do something so I face-planted into my captor’s arms and bit down as hard as I could. He screamed and let go.
            Take that you homicidal blood sucking savage. Bet he wasn’t used to getting bit.
            I spit his blood out on the floor. My second taste of vampire blood wasn’t any better than the first. Two weeks ago, Renard force-fed me blood from his wrist. Now that I’d tried it again, I could say there was definitely something off about vampire blood.
Not like human blood.