Monday, September 2, 2013

Where Did Summer Go?

Summer 2013 was a particular time warp. Here's how I spent mine:


Seb taught me to ride his old Suzuki DR-Z400SM. Oh the exhilaration! It reminds me of the lift in spirit I used to experience horseback riding. Now I'm ready to take the skills test for my license.


This summer Karina Halle released Come Alive, the latest in my favorite Experiment in Terror series, and Shooting Scars, book two in the fabulous Artist's Trilogy so I've been a happy camper - with marshmallows on top!

Another title that knocked me off my feet was Heritage, book three in S.M. Boyce's Grimoire Saga. I love a series that gets better with each book and Boyce blew me utterly away with this book. Note: You'll have to wait on this one. It's due out around November. It doesn't happen often, but I do once in awhile manage to nab an ARC. :D


This is my third season working for Pelindaba Lavender. I work from end of Aprilish until Christmas (and cram in a load of writing during the months of January - April).

Watching Way Too Much Netflix

I'm a total binger. My favorite series this summer was the Netflix original: Orange is the New Black. Currently I'm watching White Collar. I love the characters and humor. Prison and con artists are in my friends! ...and I happen to love the color orange - don't let all the purple fool ya. ;)


Seb, Cosmo, and I get out for a hike just about every afternoon to enjoy the beauty of the island, keep in shape, and speak our minds.

I hope you all had a lovely summer!


  1. I'm anticipating the new season of White Collar on USA. Glad to meet a fellow fan. Wow you hike, bike, work on a lavender yeah. You're definitely busy Nikki.

    1. Can't complain, except maybe about time and wanting more of it! ;)

  2. This is fun! Great post, and thanks for mentioning the Grimoire Saga. I'm stoked that you liked Heritage so much!

  3. We're just coming into spring down under, and it feels like it's been a long wait! The weather is finally warming up. Great post, Nikki :-)

    1. Kim, I thought it was always hot in Australia. ;)