Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Aurora Sky Covers!

I've been waiting for the right time to announce this: Aurora Sky is getting original new covers.

I spent over a month, and many sleepless nights, making this decision. I looked through designers' online portfolios until I went cross-eyed before settling on Claudia with Phatpuppy Art. I'm crazy about her work and after talking with her on the phone am convinced Aurora Sky couldn't be in better hands.

One of Claudia's masterpieces.
Claudia also has me working with photographer Teresa Yeh. Both women have been incredibly nice, professional, and quick.

Why the change?

To be competitive in this market I feel Aurora Sky needs the right look - something dark and sexy that represents the direction the series is going.

One of a kind covers. Ever notice the same model on book covers by different authors? That's because even professional cover design companies use the same royalty free stock sites. I've already seen "my" current Valerie on another cover.

Photo Shoot!

Teresa has already done the casting call and sent me photos. I've picked an Aurora and Valerie. Depending on people's schedules, the shoot will take place September 8th or 22nd.

From there, Claudia will work her magic into the final cover.

Re-release Date

End of September/beginning of October. Just in time for my 36th Birthday and Halloween! ;)

Sign-Up for the Cover Re-Reveal

If you would like the covers emailed to you after they're finished to share on your blog and/or Facebook page, sign up below.


  1. Claudia does have great covers. I plan to use her in the future when I can afford it. And yes I too have seen the repeat model on book covers as well. Almost purchased the wrong book more than once based on it. Congrats on getting new covers and best of luck.

    1. I didn't think about a wrong purchase, but that's another problem!

  2. Yay, Nikki! Glad it is all working out and I can't wait to see the new covers.

    1. I have complete faith in Claudia and Teresa. Can't wait to see them! :D

  3. I have used Claudia for 4 of my covers and they turned out great! Teresa is in one of my upcoming covers and she's amazing too!

    1. I saw that, Andrea. :) I love working with these ladies!