Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Does $212 Worth of Groceries Look Like?

I asked myself this question when I walked out of the grocery store shaking my head yesterday so I drove home, put everything out on the table, and took a picture.

I know it costs more to eat organic and healthy, but COME ON! No meat, cheese, bottled or canned beverages or, sadly, wine.

In Alaska groceries cost a fortune because everything has to be barged up. In Friday Harbor, Wash. it all comes over from the mainland by ferry.

Most expensive (non-grocery) item: Cetaphil Cream $14.99

Most expensive grocery item: Bag of walnuts $13.19

Least expensive grocery item: Choco Chomp cereal $1.99

Time for me to get my gardening gloves back on and start up some lettuce, kale, and herbs. Our new rental has a high balcony the dang deer won't be able to climb and eat out of my containers like they have in the past. This part of the island is drier, too, so I don't think there will be issues with slugs.

Need my brain food for writing!


  1. You eat way too healthy! Where are the Doritos and the wine? ;)

    1. Ha,ha. The Ruffles potato chips, chocolate, and wine were part of last week's groceries.

  2. Hey, that could be my grocery stash. Love that sprouted bread. Need to learn how to bake it myself (It's almost $6 a loaf up here.) Crazy how much it costs to eat. Didn't see any peanut butter in your groceries. I swear, if I cut myself peanut butter, and not blood, would flow from my veins.
    P.S. What's for dinner, hee, hee.
    P.S.S. Wanna meet in Seattle in mid-May, if you're going to be around? I'll be in Portland for Chris' graduation and I'm flying in and out of Seattle. Not sure of the dates but will probably be around May 20 or so.
    P.S.S. I'm sending you a tweet in a minute.

    1. I've got a jumbo jar of peanut butter in the fridge, Cin! Dave's Killer Bread is about six bucks here to, $5.89 anyway. I don't eat tons, but Seb does. Dang!

      I just had a tomato, avo, tempeh sandwich on a Dave's bun with chips & salsa with a piece of dark chocolate for desert. ;)

      Congratulations, Chris!

      I would love to see you! Can you spend a night(s) with us on the island?

  3. Whistles. That's a grocery bill? Do you have any coupons to help you out.

    1. That's island life and healthy eating. It adds up at an alarming rate. :|