Thursday, April 18, 2013

Facebook Party Tonight. Piñata! Prizes!

Win one of the following ebooks during the live Piñata tonight. Party starts at 8 p.m. EDT. There will also be swag. Must be present to win. I'm thinking we'll be a small group, but that just means more chances to win! ;) Join the Facebook Party Event!

Thank you to these fabulous authors for contributing to the goody bag!

Spellbound Trivia

Win instantly! Be the first to answer correctly and win a "Reading is Sexy" sticker and signed Entangled bookmark. (One sticker/swag set per person.)

Greatest Love Songs Competition

Get ready to link to your favorite love song on YouTube. One winner will receive a bottle of Love Spell fragrance mist from Victoria's Secret. It's a flirty, floral irresistible blend of cherry blossom and peach. (US only, it's a liquid thing.)

Drawing for an Enchantment Paperback

I'll let you know the details during the party. (US only please, unless you want to cover shipping, around $17 to Europe. For the international folks there will be ebooks and swag. Don't feel left out!) Shipped in a pretty floral padded envelope. ;) Enchantment is now available in paperback at CreateSpace and will be appearing on Amazon, B&N, and Book Depository in the next week.

Bonus Day! Bonus Prize!

Couldn't resist. Tomorrow, Katie from BlookGirl joins us with more review writing tips and one last bonus giveaway for the first Spellbound Journal - available soon! So come back tomorrow for one last hurrah! (I'll even make it international.)

Thanks for checking out the release event on the blog. Hope to see you tonight! ;)

Did you enter?
MON - One ebook of choice from Najla Qamber's portfolio 
TUES - Book Lovers Journal or $10 Gift Card
WED - $10 Gift Card
If you purchased Enchantment - $25 Amazon Gift Card

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