Sunday, March 17, 2013

Enchantment (Spellbound #3) ARC Policy

Format: PDF, ePub, mobi

Release Date: April 9th

Book length: 75,000 words

***Reviews must be posted by May 13, 2013***

I love giving out review copies of my books and have been pretty lax about it in the past. For Enchantment I’m asking that only true fans of the series – those who have read + reviewed Entangled and Duplicity – fill out the request form for an eARC. 

If you have any trouble accessing the above form, please email me directly at nikki_jefford(at) with a link to both your Entangled and Duplicity review.

By requesting an ARC, you are agreeing to post your review at Amazon, unless you don’t have an account there, and/or Goodreads, and a blog if you have one (not necessary to request an ARC). I always appreciate cross-posts to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and Goodreads, but Amazon is by far the most helpful.

I will send out an email with purchase links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble once they go live.

Will there be an Enchantment Release Tour? Yes. The tour is scheduled May 13-23. The spots are filled, but I hope you will check out the reviews, guest posts, and prizes this May!

Are you a reader, not a reviewer?

Sign-up for a Release Day Notification to save 75% off the normal cover price in ebook.


  1. I have a question: I haven't read Duplicity yet. I do have a copy, but I've been waiting to read it back to back with Enchantment. Can I still request an ARC since I do intend on reviewing both books? If not, that's fine. I'll just need to be more patient for the official release. :)

    1. Absolutely, no problem, Angie. Just type in "review to come" in the google doc beneath the Duplicity Review Link prompt.

    2. Okay, great! Thanks so much. :)

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