Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ready. Set. Action!

The Blogger Book Fair begins today and to kick things off I'd like to share some action scenes from several participating authors. So grab some snacks, sit back, and enjoy the thrills that follow!

Fingers ripped the icy ground as she rolled over, trying to crawl away, rocks digging into her knees and her palms, a bit of glass slicing neatly into the meat of her thumb. She winced, lifting it to her mouth to suck the blood, feet kicking back as he grabbed her ankle.

He laughed again, jerking her back with one strong pull and dragging her effortlessly across the ground. He bent down, wrapping a meaty fist around her neck, and she clawed it desperately, unable to breathe.

Lifting Ava off her feet, he glared at her, a flash of light catching his angry, mismatched eyes—one blue, one green.

For a moment, she was almost mesmerized.

 The End of All Things by Lissa Bryan

Carly headed toward the train station. The door was unlocked and she walked inside the silent and stuffy building. A pair of restrooms was in front of her, and to the left a door led into the rest of the building. It creaked when she pushed it open, and she had only a moment to gather an impression of a large, dusty room with an office desk before a blinding pain slammed across her upper arm and back. She was knocked to the floor by the force of it and saw a man standing above her, holding a two-by-four. In her old life, he was the kind of man she would have asked for directions—a plump, pleasantlooking man in his mid-fifties wearing rimless glasses. But behind the lenses, his eyes gleamed with gleeful hate.
“The black cowboy says you’re the seventh!” He drew out the “s” sounds with a snakelike hiss and swung the board down. Carly rolled, avoiding the blow, which would have probably crushed her skull. The man howled and dropped the board from the painful vibrations of striking the floor, and Carly scrambled to her feet to dart around the back of the desk. The man charged at her, and Carly grabbed the back of the office chair and slung it at him. He tripped over it as she had intended but regained his footing and lunged at her with an inhuman screech. “You won’t take my petals!”
Sam burst through the door and used the top of the desk as a launch pad to pounce on the man with a vicious snarl. He sank his teeth into the man’s shoulder, and the man screamed in pain. He punched Sam in the side, and Sam went sprawling with a high-pitched yelp from the force of the blow. Carly fumbled at her belt and pulled the gun out of its holster. She didn’t even have time to shout a warning as the man surged to his feet and barreled at her. She pulled the trigger as fast as she could, nailing him with three shots to the chest. It didn’t stop his momentum; he plowed into Carly and knocked her flat on her back, landing on top of her with a bone-rattling thud.

Revamp by Beck Sherman

“What’s that sound? Do you hear it?” Seven asked.

We did. It was a wet noise—very quiet but coming from all around. Only holding your breath could you hear it. We eyed the bodies and aimed our guns.

“They’re dead. We checked them,” Seven said.

Leech was standing a couple feet away from Cooper and I. He leaned over one of the bodies, an older woman with a wide forehead and frizzy hair. He straightened up suddenly. 

“It’s their teeth, folks. They’re coming out.”

Quick movement somewhere.

A horrible screech.

A shot was fired, and other shots rang out in succession.

My hearing dropped out, but I still had my sight, and I saw them, toothy and mad, rising up off the ground in shifting beams of light. The ones that had no limbs made do, shuffling, hopping, jerking, lunging toward dinner.

Toward us

 The Chosen by Andrea Buginsky

As they rode further along, they suddenly saw large, slimy creatures off in the distance.  They were all over the place, in the woods, the Loch, and heading toward the path.

“OK, everybody get ready,” Striker said.  “We’re going to have to fight our way through here.”  He and Kaidyla took their bows out, and loaded them with arrows.  When they were close enough to one of the slimy creatures inching its way across the path, they began firing.  Silvor, Red and Lumina began casting their spells, attacking the creature from as far away as they could.  The creature began to inch its way towards the group, but died before it reached them.

The bigger one behind it, coming towards the path, began to move faster, heading right for them.  Striker and Kaidyla began shooting their arrows at it, while the others threw spells.  But this bigger piece of slime was faster than the smaller one, and reached them before it was dead.  It began attacking them, and Halli immediately began healing her friends.  Two more creatures suddenly appeared from the woods next to them.  Fireballs, frost and flashes of light began to dance all around them as they continued attacking the creature, and the two that suddenly came out of nowhere.  Halli kept up with the slime creatures’ attacks on everyone as fast as she could, throwing each of them a smaller heal over and over, and adding a larger heal when they needed it.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, another slime creature appeared right next to Halli, and began to attack her.  Halli screamed, turned, grabbed her mace and shield and began attacking it fiercely.  Silvor turned toward her scream, and began sending fireballs at the creature.  “Heal yourself!” he yelled, as he continued to attack it.  Halli dropped her mace and shield, and began to heal herself.  Once she was ok, she turned her attention back to the others.

They had killed the three creatures that attacked them, and were working on the fourth that had been attacking Halli.  It took off after Silvor when he started throwing his fireballs, and the others started attacking it immediately.  When they killed it, and realized there wasn’t any imminent danger, they all sat down to catch their breaths and drink their spell potions.

 Ghostwriter by Lissa Bryan

 A small rattle, and her eyes flew open again against her will. The doorknob turned. Sara sucked in a terrified breath. Slowly, to the left, and then to the right. She dove for cover under the bed, the only place she could hide. Small whimpers escaped her mouth and she pressed her hands over it to hold them back.

A pair of feet in black leather loafers walked slowly into the room. One of the socks had a small hole at the ankle, Sara noticed, the socks of a single man. The feet turned as he looked around, and then she saw his calves bend. His hands came down for balance as he lowered himself down to look under the bed. She backed up as far as she could into the shadows.
Tears tickled the corner of Sara’s eyes, but she couldn’t release her mouth to wipe them away, or she’d scream and keep on screaming.
Please don’t see me. Please don’t see me.


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