Thursday, February 14, 2013

INDIE-kissing Excerpt and Giveaway

In high school, Valentine's Day annoyed the hell out of me - mostly because I was single and had to watch all the girls prancing around with their stuffed bears, chocolates, flowers and balloons. Gag!

Since I'm sure there's plenty of steaminess going around today, I've chosen to share a cringe-able kiss scene from my newest release, Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter.

It was fun to tackle a first time kiss and later, sex, scene and turn it into something awkward. In short, how I imagine reality to be for many a teen lip locking for the first time.

Usually fiction is better than reality. Mine turned out to be epic even though I didn't experience my first kiss until I was an old maid of 21. Check it out today at Snowdrop Dreams of Books where I kiss and tell all (and enter to win an ecopy of Aurora Sky.)

Read on for Aurora's less-than perfect first kiss, followed by a swag giveaway.

Excerpt from Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter 
Chapter 6: Winter Ball

He took my head in his hands and leaned in.

Hallelujah! Scott Stevens was about to kiss me.

I parted my lips slowly. Scott opened wide.

Be cool, Aurora. I’d die of embarrassment if he figured out this was my first kiss.

It was pretty simple, my lips needed to touch his. But when I leaned forward, rather than make contact, my mouth went inside Scott’s. His lips moved all over me. He wasn’t kissing, so much as sucking my face.

This couldn’t be right. Not Scott Stevens. He was the basketball captain. He’d had girlfriends since like the sixth grade.

His tongue joined the action, drenching the lower half of my face in a saliva bath.

The vampire lunatic appeared in my head without warning. I could feel his clammy lips over me.

No, not now. Nothing would ruin my first kiss. Not bad memories or sloppy mechanics. I just needed to get in the game.

I mashed my lips against Scott’s…teeth. He took my lower lip between his own and ran his tongue along the edge.

I closed my eyes and pictured Scott’s face, his dimples, his deep brown eyes and thick lashes.

A murmur worked its way up Scott’s throat. He liked the kiss. Maybe my expectations were too high.


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  1. Awesomely hilarious! What a terrible kiss. :-D Love the voice here.

  2. Nice Excerpt and I went to an all girls high school so Valentine's Day was less excruciating.

  3. LOL - that was awesome! I had a kiss like that once. Bleck.

  4. Ack! That WAS bad! LOL Thanks for joining us!

  5. Love the cover and yes reading IS sexy.

  6. LOL Nikki, this was exactly what happened to've brought back some bad memories :) nicely done!

  7. Cringing but totally FUN. Love it. :)

  8. LOL. I've had kisses like that. Poor thing. :)

  9. Love it! It's awful when this really good looking guy, someone that should be a terrific kisser, slobbers all over you. *shudders* Great job!

  10. This scene just cracks me up! I loved it the first time I read it and I love it now. I had a similar experience in high school, and I was like WTF! Hilarious.

  11. Love it! A nice change up from all the other sensual and emotional selections... and nothing like an uninvited guest popping into your head during a kiss :)

  12. Ha! Very cringe-able and awkward, and perfectly captures the disappointment of the bad first kiss (which I've had experience with, LOL). Love it!