Monday, February 11, 2013

Holy Hotness

With cold storms brewing in the East Coast (meanwhile I haven’t seen a flake of snow on my island in the Pacific Northwest) and St. Valentine’s on the way... 

I wanted to heat things up this week!

Thank you to Rebecca Hamilton for giving me permission to share my favorite scene from The Forever Girl and to Winter Blogger Book Fair authors Isabella Sinclair, T.M. Franklin, and SJ Byrne.

Now let's get toasty!

 TheForever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton

The seduction of the music wound around us, sinking into my skin and pressing us closer. Each bass note reverberated along my spine, playing over every nerve in my body, and every time his hand grazed a new place on my skin, my want for control melted away, replaced by my desire to return his touch. He trailed his finger across my collarbone, over my shoulder, down my arm.

Soon, the music muffled beneath a cottony sensation in my head. His hands slid up my waist, over my ribs, his thumbs barely grazing the sides of my breasts. My breath caught in my throat, and I smiled nervously.

His jeans rubbed against the bottom of my dress and my bare legs, and the heat there spread over my thighs. All I could hear was Mother’s voice, telling me that this type of dancing was a sin. An invitation to Satan himself.

OLLY by Isabella Sinclair

(Note to readers: This is an erotica title)

In the distance, the deep rumble of a motorcycle engine sliced through the soundless night. Flushed with sexual heat but shivering from the cool morning air, I waited anxiously for him to arrive. The beam of his headlight flashed as he turned the corner, and my heart skipped a beat. Covered from head to toe in black, Olly was the sexiest thing I’d seen all night. Fairly bouncing from one foot to the other, I watched him slip off the bike with the grace of a dancer, and purred from the heat pooling in the center of my body. He turned me inside out just by being near. Hotter than ever, our mutual attraction pulled us together like magnets. Having been unfairly starved for a woman’s attention for too long, Olly devoured me through my lips, kissing, nipping, and sucking his way through my defenses.

MORE by T.M. Franklin

He straightened, and Ava gasped as he met her eyes in the mirror, half his face covered with shaving cream. He jumped slightly in surprise, whipping around to face her.


Oh, she thought. His chest.

Her eyes raked down his body involuntarily, taking in the sharply chiseled muscle with unabated interest. He was absolutely—incredibly—perfect.

My Butterfly by SJ Byrne
Taking another step forward, Katherine paused as Brandubh turned to face her. His hands pushed through his thick dark hair, so that it stood up in spots and as his gaze focused on her; for that brief moment he became one with the mystical force surrounding them.
"Will ye follow me, Kat?" His voice was low, and the vibration of it caressed secret things buried deep within her core being.
"Where are you taking me?" The air around her stirred to life as he stepped closer with his hand held out for her to grab onto.
"Will ye follow?"
Brandubh took hold of her trembling fingers and used them to propel her forward, only letting go of her hand when they stood close enough that she could feel his breath upon her skin. Cupping her face between his hands, his thumb lightly stroked her bottom lip as his eyes bored into hers, not pushing nor demanding, just asking “will ye?”
Katherine closed her eyes to block out the intensity of what he made her feel just by looking at her. She knew the warmth of him as his hands held her, and his body stood near enough for her to lean into if she dared. She wanted to give in and follow wherever he led. It felt right that they'd found themselves together at long last. Her eyes opened with deliberate slowness, so that he reformed before her in segments: legs, hips, torso, shoulders, neck, and finally his handsome face and fathomless ice blue eyes. The strength of her decision flowed from her as she swallowed every detail before asking a final time, “where?”
They both knew she would follow him wherever he chose to go.
"Intae the rabbit hole, of course."


If you enjoyed these excerpts, make sure to check out the fun thrills in Ready. Set. Action!

For more information about these authors and more, check out the wonderful directory pages at the Blogger Book Fair site and if you're a blogger or writer, sign up for July's fair. 


  1. More's cover is eye grabbing. Glad you're spreading the word for these authors.

    1. MORE sounds really good. There's another excerpt from it in my Ready. Set. Action! excerpts post.

  2. Oh love those teasers!!! I really love the one from Forever Girl!! I picked that one up on the book hop! Now I really can't wait to read it! :) Thanks!!!

    1. I'm so happy you took advantage of the hop discounts. I hope you enjoy your new reads, Danielle! <3