Sunday, February 10, 2013

Character Quotes, BBF

It is the last day of the Winter Blogger Book Fair. Thank you for checking it out. In parting, I'd like to conclude with some fun character quotes from BBF participants. 

If any of these pique your interest, please follow the Blogger Book Fair link. There is a directory by author, genre, and title. Take your pick! ;) Many thanks to Kayla Curry for organizing this event!

“I suppose I should be glad your eyes looked at the ring on the night stand and not the dagger on the dresser,” ~ Tom Walker from Obsidian by Kayla Curry

“You talk too much.”
“Maybe you talk too little.”
“You’re going to live forever. Pace yourself.”  Lucas and Zee from Wynne Channing’s What Kills Me
"We are part of that myth, the fairy tales come to life, so to speak...I think, essentially, we're human. Just a little bit...more."  Caleb Foster from T.M. Franklin’s MORE

“Soul weavers,” the voice chuckled, now closer to Basil. “Can’t live with them and can’t die without them.” ~ The Devourer by Angela Brown

"Aye, who says ye cannae polish a turd?" ~ Emily Ferguson from SJ Byrne’s My Butterfly

"But more importantly, know I love you more than I can say with simple words. Poets have attempted for centuries to find the perfect combination, and I don’t imagine I shall have more luck than they." Seth Fortner from Lissa Bryan’s Ghostwriter

"I think you’re wrong,” she said. “I don’t think humans were supposed to die out during the Infection. And I think those of us who survived have a duty to protect the next generation. We’re starting over, Justin. We’re rebuilding the world. And this time, we’re going to make it even better.” ~ Carly Daniels from Lissa Bryan's The End of All Things

“Halli, everything you just said are the classic traits of Holy Paladins, from a certain point of view.  They don’t get involved in conflicts, but rather keep those that are involved alive from a distance.  They don’t get directly involved in confrontations and arguments.  They think things through and come up with solutions that will work for everyone.  In essence, they keep the peace in the groups they’re involved in.  From a distance, this can make them seem quiet and shy, but anyone who knows them knows it is their quiet ways that keeps this peace.” Queen Laurali from Andrea Buginsky’s The Chosen

"It's time to forget everything you know about the history of your country. 'Cause it's all wrong."   Scott St. Martin from Beck Sherman’s Revamp

"Just because he's naked, doesn't mean he's not dangerous." Raine McCord from Jami Gray’s Shadow's Soul: Book 2 of the Kyn Kronicles

"Really if I slit your throat tonight and dumped you on the side of the road, I'd be doing you a fucking favor. At least you'd make it on television one last time."  George Hull from Will Millar’s Infernal Machines

“Yes or no? You either kill someone or you don’t. There’s no ‘sort of’ about it.”  Zara Itani from Jade Kerrion’s Perfect Weapon

"Cole, you've been holding out on us. Are all the girls at that school this gorgeous?"  Elan from Allison Blanchard’s Forget Me Not

"Ten to one the coffee cup she came back with was filled with Jim or Johnny and not a fine French roast."  Detective Kate Springer from Kelly Miller’s Dead Like Me

"Well, you know what I always say about humans. It's impossible to tell them apart."  Ray in Vaempires: Zombie Rising

"May your dreams be silent."  Clayden Kiel from Kyra Dune’s Shadow Born (Time Of Shadows #1)  

“Do not tempt fate! You will not find true love or happiness before the End of the World. I am sorry, but this is how it must be.” ~ Yinglong from D.H. Aire’s short story Family Dragon in Flights of Fantasy, Volume 1

“No, I think she means hug. It’s zombie lingo. I’ve read online that zombies can be affectionate, but hugging one often leads to, well, having your brains eaten." ~ Shiloh Ravenwolf from MOONLIGHT MAYHEM (Book 2) of the Spellbound series by Sherry Soule


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  1. These are great! Really like the What Kills Me one, a little snarky. I like snarky.

    1. Snarky goes a long way. ;) Thanks for checking these out, Ali.