Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Suckers

One of my Spellbound Street Team Members, Lili at Lili Lost in a Book, made these fun page corner vampire bookmarks. She sent me some, too. :) They're so cute - and really handy - and they even say Aurora Sky on the back. At some point in the future I'll give these away...perhaps at a future book signing like the one I did on Orcas Island.

For now, Lili is giving 5 away at her blog - 5 days left to enter.

Oh yes, and I'm keeping one for myself! I have it in Duplicity now. I've had to look up a few things as I finish Enchantment. So close to finished I can taste it! Hopefully I'll have this weekend to do the first read through and ask Seb to correct the French. Also need to double check the Spanish and little bit of Russian and German. Gray's going international! ;)

Have a nice weekend!


  1. That's so funny! I made some kinda like that too! I got the idea from those monster bookmarks that have been made by people. They are cool little book marks. I think hers are better than mine!

    1. They actually make a great bookmark and are way cuter in person than the picture. :) Reminds me of fun little origami creatures - only functional!

  2. I have the greatest street team members in the world! ;)

  3. :D I'm SO glad everyone likes them! And Nikki, if you ever want some more just let me know!