Friday, November 30, 2012

Bloody Christmas e-Book Giveaway

Bloggers: Sign up anytime between now and December 25th to host a Bloody Christmas e-book giveaway. Details here.

If you signed up already, you should have received an email from me. Thanks for joining in the fun! Everyone else, sign up to WIN!

Bloody Christmas e-book Giveaway

As any true fanged fan knows, vampires are always in season. Enter to win four paranormal sensations and put a splash of red into your holidays. Action, adventure, romance, and entirely new twists on the vampire genre.

One winner will receive all four e-books pictured here. Winner may substitute any of these titles for another by the same author within the same series.

> Cheer on Team Misfits in ReVamped as they take on rogue vampires in the once peaceful little town of Angel Creek.
> Journey to hoodoo influenced Southern Louisiana – an exile for reformed vampires in Amaranth.
> Answer the call of the wild in Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter where vampires are flocking towards the dark and cold.
> Take a trip into the future in Vaempires: Revolution where continents have collided and humans and vampires have learned to live in peace until vampires begin morphing into vaempires, superior beings whose mission is to dominate the planet.

Redefining what it means to be vampire - Stop by the authors’ sites and get to know them better - Ada, Rachael, Nikki, Tom

Note: E-books will be gifted by Nikki. I didn't get a chance to plan an Aurora Sky release party so I threw together Bloody Christmas instead featuring three other authors who kick ass on and off the page.

Wishing you a Scary Christmas!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Release! Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter

New Release Holiday Promo Price: only 99 cents

Things have been so crazy with moving, unpacking, and finishing final tweaks to Aurora Sky that I didn't get a chance to schedule a release post till now.

I am THRILLED beyond words to see it hit two category bestseller lists at Amazon on its first day. Currently #76 in teen horror and #95 in children's science fiction & fantasy, spine-chilling horror.

AND the Aurora Sky door hangers arrived today. They are beyond cool! So excited to sign these and send them out to reviewers.

A song for the occasion "I Wish" from my favorite German film "Run Lola Run." I love this version. (The only one I can find on YouTube doesn't allow embedding thus the link.) I wish I was a hunter!

Thank you to all the kick ass readers, reviewers, and writers out there whose friendship means the world to me.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Host a Bloody Christmas e-Book Giveaway

Want to help promote four fang-tastic paranormal authors and gain new followers in the process?

Post at any time between December 1 - 25. A Rafflecopter code will be emailed to you once you sign up here.

Entries are simple and easy:
- Free entry for vampire fans
- Tweet about the giveaway
- Follow the host's (your!) blog

One winner will receive all four e-books pictured above. Winner may substitute any of these titles for another by the same author within the same series.

May your holidays be scary!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aurora Sky Swag Attack & Bloody Christmas

Aurora Sky releases next week on Amazon Kindle.

If you have signed up for an eARC it will be sent out tomorrow Monday evening (pdf and Kindle for sure, hopefully ePub as well.) If you aren't signed up for a review copy and would like to, please do so here.

Onto the swag attack!

My brilliant cover designer, Najla Qamber, did the artwork for these two-sided door hangers. (The real deal arrives from the printer any day.)

If you would like to use one for giveaway purposes, sign up here. I can mail out one per blog or send three directly to you if you want to do multiple winners/keep one. :)

Once I email you the swag photo you can set up a Rafflecopter with entries however you like. If you would like me to mail the door hanger directly to the winner, please email me an address by December 31, 2012.

Note: It is not necessary to have a blog to take part in the giveaway. You can do this on Facebook or however you choose. You can even draw names at your next book club meeting. Have fun with it!

Bonus Giveaway: Bloody Christmas.

Anyone joining in the Swag Attack is also welcome to host a Bloody Christmas eBook Giveaway. I'm giving away one copy of each of these exciting vampire reads to one winner. Great for fanged fans. (I'm happy to substitute any of these titles for another by the same author if the winner has already read one and would like another book in the same series.)

You can sign up anytime before December 25th. I will email the Bloody Christmas Rafflecopter code out at the end of November and then as sign ups come in.

May your holidays be scary!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pushing the Limits: Review and a Tune

Two words: Harlequin Teen.

Great combo.

I love romance. I love YA. I don't usually like contemporary, but in the case of Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry I was pleasantly surprised.

I am so on board with male POVs so it was a bonus hearing from both Echo and Noah. Those two sizzled. I haven't read a romance in too long and this book reminded me why romance is one of the greatest genres EVER! Tortured pasts, outcasts, friction, attraction, redemption, forgiveness, and even tears.

I love the names Echo and Noah.

And on that note, here's my all-time favorite 80's rock star Cyndi Lauper with the song "Echo", which like the character and book is sorta fun and sad at the same time.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Moving To A New House (Rental)

The U-Haul is booked for TODAY. We're loading as much as we can after we pick up the truck in the late afternoon and then away we go Sunday.

No more internet for a couple days starting sometime Friday the 16th, thus the scheduled post. But I'm looking forward to faster internet. It's worse than third world on the island. We currently get 3 megs. Soon we'll have the fastest possible in these parts: up to 10 megs! Woo-ee!

The help we tried to arrange can't make it. I am so tired of moving everything on our own. We're in our mid-30's and our lower backs definitely feel the aches and pains of hauling crap from one place to the next. I'm looking forward to settling in and the upcoming 4-day Thanksgiving weekend to unpack and RELAX.

See you on the other side!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vaempires: Zombie Rising is FREE for 2 days

Teens. Vampires. Zombies. FREE! What more do you want?

Thomas Winship's Vaempires series is a fast-paced thriller with kick ass characters you'll be rooting for from page one. (I can't wait to find out what happened to Cassandra!)

Get your Kindle copy before it rots away. (Free 11/15 & 11/16)

Want to know more? Check out my review in pictures of Vaempires: Revolution.

Oh yes, and Happy Bloody Birthday to both Tom and his first book in the series!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Graphic for Street Team Members

Look at the pretty graphic my cover designer, Najla Qamber, came up with for Spellbound Street Team members on their Birthdays:

It's fitting that Liliana who blogs at Lili Lost in a Book has the first birthday coming up since she was the first to sign up for the team and one of my first reviewers. She also shares my purple fetish. ;)

I'm sending these out about a month in advance in case, like me, you enjoy driving your family crazy with a month-long birthday countdown... now you can give your followers the heads up, too!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up. This one's for you!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I am moving in 9 days!

Have I packed a single box? No!

This is our 6th move in 4 years. It's the first move that's Not By Choice. (Our landlady sold her house so we gotta go.) It's also the first where we're staying in the same place: Friday Harbor (San Juan Island).

I packed boxes all summer... thousands of boxes! I do NOT feel like packing any more.

Here's what I've been dealing with since April: An endless parade of house hunters, realtors, contractors, bidders, appraisers, builders, pest control, septic, bla, bla, bla.

I guess, in the end, it will be good to just have this done with. And looking forward to faster internet speed - possibly 10 megs! (Currently at 3 megs, which is great for the island. Most areas are dial up or zip-o - great for networking, right?)

I feel awful about the email build-up I have going on. Not to mention being behind on Enchantment (Spellbound #3). This has been one of the most exhausting/frustrating spring/summer/fall's of my life.

I'll be more up on the up once we're settle in and the holidays are past!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Perez for President Campaign Giveaway

Leave No Reader Behind
Equality - Whether you're a witch, warlock, or just an average Joe, Graylee Perez believes in equal rights.

Crisis Management - Dead, resurrected, trapped in a body sharing situation with an unruly twin, duplicated or pursued by hostiles: Perez is a pro at dealing with multiple crises.

Commitment - Perez believes in getting results and has what it takes to get the job done.

Campaign Giveaway (US)
Paperback * Polish * Decal - Now Through Election Day

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