Monday, April 30, 2012

Spellbound International Blog Tour

Spellbound Trilogy International Blog Tour

Entangled & Duplicity

May 20 – June 7

Now Booking!


Evil Eye Amulet and Bracelet: In Duplicity, Gray wears a Turkish evil eye pendant, also known as a nazar, to protect herself from a magical backfire spell that’s causing havoc over the witches and warlocks in her coven.

Trick Coin: Two Grays are better than none, and two heads are better than one, especially when flipping over who gets to choose which movie to watch. Adrian returns in Duplicity this time opening up a magic/trick shop.

Entangled bookmark.


1) There will be a chance to enter the giveaway at every stop. I will provide an html code for you to paste into the post for your followers to enter the giveaway. (INTERNATIONAL)

2) Three chances to download Entangled FREE during amazon promo days: May 23, 24, & 27. Everyone’s a winner!

3) AND a bonus giveaway for Tour Hosts only. Participating blogs will automatically be entered the old school way: name written on a piece of paper to be drawn out of a jar during "The Reaping" vlog before the tour ends. (Date TBA.)

Thank you for your interest in the Spellbound Trilogy * International * Blog Tour
(May 20th – June 7th)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

In My Mailbox (2)

It's been awhile since I've downloaded this many books at once. I don't like stockpiling my Kindle as books become buried and forgotten.

Books mean three things to me: pleasure, escape, and reward. I wanted to celebrate receiving my first paycheck in nearly four months (yesterday) with some new titles. I had to budget shop as I am in the hole from my forced hiatus following the Christmas holiday.

But! I still managed to make out like a bandit. See below.

Samples of Amaranth and Ethereal hooked me. Only 99 cents each.
Chelsea Fine kindly gifted me Anew after seeing it on my 12 year anniversary 12 book wish list. Many thanks to Chelsea! 
The Last Name Banks, The Grimoire: Lichgates, and Reunion were all on free promo days at amazon that I happened to stumble on at the right time. Thanks to Lacy Camey, S.M. Boyce, and Jeff Bennington. It's like winning free books without being required to enter a Rafflecopter.
  I love the inter-library loan programs. (I heart libraries!) I can request up to three books at a time. For the research I'm doing on Barcelona for Spellbound #3, Enchantment, I picked up the following: CultureShock! Spain (finished this afternoon), An Olympic Death (set in Barcelona), and Iberia by James Michener (Barcelona chapter only - this book is massive!)

In used books, I ordered Barcelona the Great Enchantress. Let the research begin!
And finally, a surprise Earth Day present arrived from my mom earlier in the week. I am obsessed with cookbooks and have had to curb my addiction over the past couple years. I was so thrilled to receive 1,000 Vegan Recipes and am making the potato-and-artichoke stuffed portobello mushrooms as soon as I sign off. Yum!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Spellbound #3 "Enchantment" takes place in Spain (later France). 

Sebastien said "no" to a research trip to Barcelona. Apparently no time off + no money = no Spain.

Today I picked up my 3 inter library loans (the max allowed): CultureShock! Spain, Iberia, and an Olympic Death by Manuel Vazquz Montalban (set in Barcelona).

I plan to re-watch Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" along with one of my favorite French films: L'Auberge Espangnole (The Spanish Apartment).

...maybe even learn some conversational Spanish to get in the mood. :)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Win an e-copy of Entangled

Brianne over at Memories Overtaking Me recently reached (and surpassed) 100 followers - exciting milestone! - and is generously giving away an e-book of choice (from list of seven). And... Entangled is on the list! Better yet, she's choosing three winners.

Check it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Special Edition Easter Cover Reveal

Check out more cover + trailer reveals at these lovely book blogs:

Many thanks to these and other reviewers who took a chance on a debut indie author to read Entangled. I can’t begin to express my gratitude.

Add Duplicity to your goodreads "to-read" by clicking here.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cover Reveal Coming!

At this moment, I am finalizing the cover of S2: Duplicity with my cover artist Najla Qamber. Crazy about it!

I'm especially happy with how the look of the series matches: same model (different pose), different flower, and the new color cast in green.

The book trailer for S2 is also being finalized this week so I’m planning a dual release (fits with the title, right?)

If you’ve already reviewed Entangled (and we’ve been in email contact previously), I will automatically send the reveals to you at the end of the week.

Releases next month.

Thanks to friends and readers for their enthusiasm, which motivated me to up the ante and take the series to the next level. I didn’t think it could get any more twisted than Entangled, but you inspired me to go for it and I couldn’t be more pleased by the outcome. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Resurrection Day

“Worst April Fool’s joke ever.”

One of my favorite scenes (to write) in Entangled was the day Graylee Perez wakes up in her twin sister Charlene’s body. Gray has no idea she died (February 9th) and finds it odd when she wakes up in Charlene’s bed. Her mom is out of town and Charlene isn’t anywhere to be found so Gray goes to school.

Once at McKinley High, Gray is further dismayed when she finds her locker has been emptied. Things get really wacky when she goes to first period and her teacher asks her what she’s doing in his class. When he calls her Charlene she immediately corrects him. However, the information is not well received.

A snippet:

Louder gasps, followed by a rush of whispers coming from all directions. It was like being sucked into the eye of a hurricane with chatter hurled and swirled all around her. Gray looked to Mr. Burke, imploring him with her eyes to make this charade end.
            “Enough!” he shouted and the clamor stopped. Mr. Burke looked at Gray and spoke softly. “Miss Perez, please come with me.”
            Gray stuffed her things inside her pack and vacated her desk. She was more than ready to get out of that room.
            She joined Mr. Burke in the hallway, where he shut the classroom door behind them. Gray could practically hear the jabber begin anew the moment the door clicked in place. Hyenas. She’d like to see how her classmates handled a day in the Twilight Zone.