Saturday, December 8, 2012

Service is Selling Work Training Video goes Viral

The ridiculously goofy musical training video my family's business put together years ago has gone viral in the last couples months. From the UK to NY!

The official upload my brother posted on YouTube is fast approaching 100,000 views. Another person uploaded it and has gotten 131,884 hits.

The New York Daily News just did a story about it on Thursday saying: "Alaska stores' hilariously bad motivational training video that could have come straight from 'The Office.'"

If you watch this video please note that I am 50 lbs lighter than when it was filmed! ;)

Starring my aunt, uncle, cousins, mom (almost falling off a chair), and me! Miss you guys and all the work fun! (Once in a Blue Moose gift shops.)

P.S. I can't sing or dance. This is why I stick to writing!

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