Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cover Reveal Cluster

Awhile back, S.M. Boyce, snark and author of The Grimoire Trilogy, recruited me to her indie author group, which includes LOTS of emails. (Said with love. Keep 'em coming, gang.) It's cool in that I'm privy to sneak peeks on covers and such - sometimes I even get a chance to throw my two cents into the mix.

Since I'm lagging behind on cover reveals, I decided to do them in a cluster of three. (I'm slightly obsessed with this number.) Right then; less talk, more pictures. (That's my motto.) Look at the pretties!

Releasing December 2012:

I LOVE this cover! Then again, I love blond chicks in school uniforms. I must have been a dude in a former life. (Oh yeah, and a dagger in hand - even better! I love ladies who kick ass.)

Releasing November 6, 2012:

Out of this world, am I right? I was especially excited when author David James mentioned that my "neighbor" Keary Taylor (on Orcas Island) designed this. This is so damn cool my mouth is agape. I love the extra glow on the second "O" in MOON.

Releasing December 1, 2012:

I'll tell you what grabbed me most about this one. The title (intriguing and I'm a total fonts girl) and the two words: Van Helsing. He has sons? *swoons* Bring on the boys!

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