Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interview with Lucy Swing & Giveaway

Losing even a page of your work is distressing, but an entire novel... Writer's worst nightmare! Today we have Lucy Swing author of Feathermore and JUST RELEASED book two: Fallenmore. Lucy has agreed to share her anguish and ultimate triumph in recreating a novel from start to finish. 

How to RE-Write a Book from Scratch

Lucy, can you tell us what happened?

*wipes tear away* My laptop met a not so pretty end. It fell onto the floor and shattered, and it seems the hard drive took most of the blow. Everyone said it was no biggie, but four different techs later, no one could get any data from it. I lost, not only Fallenmore, but everything else as well: other WIPs, all of our photos from the past 2 years, all of my other published work… A total headache!

What was your first reaction?

I thought I’d die. Yes, you can think of me as melodramatic, but when you have spent so many months working on something and building this whole world up… its shattering to lose it all.

How long did it take you to muster up the strength to start over from page one?

It took me a while, especially because I was hoping someone could recover my work. When a month went by and everyone said it was impossible, I had no other choice. I pulled out of my self-induced depression and got started… AGAIN!

How long did it take you to write Fallenmore the first time? The second?

The first time it took me about two months. In which I wrote every day Monday through Friday 8:30-2pm. The second time it took shortly over a month. Although it took less time, it was infuriatingly frustrating! There were scenes that had already been written, scenes I loved and on the re-write I just couldn’t get right. Fallenmore 2.0 as I call it is much different than the original, and I believe that is a good thing.

What did you learn from this experience?

*grunts* Every time I told someone what happened their immediate response was “And you didn’t back it up?” I swear I wanted to strangle people when they said that! No, I didn’t back anything up. I guess I didn’t think of it before, as I never expected something like this to happen. So, what I have learned from all of this is: BACK UP YOUR WORK!!!! I got myself a USB drive and every time I work on anything, I save it there.

Another cheap way to back-up, which Feathermore’s editor told me about, is every time you work on your MS, email it to yourself.

Is book three in the works and what can we expect?

Book 3 is on the works. I’ve written a few chapters already and I am hoping *crosses fingers* I can publish it by Fall. No date has been set yet as there are other projects roaming around, too.

Lucy Swing lives in sunny Florida with her husband and two children. She is a YA Paranormal/ Romance writer, whose works include: Feathermore (Feathermore Trilogy #1 ), Fallenmore (Feathemore Trilogy #2) and Bloody Valentine, a vampire/witch novella.

She is an absolute book hoarder and must always have a book at arm’s length. Music is her muse, and there is always a soundtrack that plays along her life.

For more information on Lucy Swing please visit her website: and the Feathermore Trilogy blog:

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  1. Thank you Nikki for being a part if my blog tour. You rock, Amiga!

  2. In the interests of offering another backup option -- using Dropbox, a free cloud storage solution, is also a good idea. I try to save things in several locations, so that if one goes down, I have another option.

    I can't imagine losing so much. I would have curled up in a ball and cried! Kudos to you for re-writing Fallenmore without going crazy!

  3. Oh my gods, that sucks so bad! I'm definitely going to start backing up all my work on my never know what can happen. Gah, just reading that makes ME want to cry! So much work, just gone, like that :( Lucy, I admire you! And I'll have to check out your books too ;)