Monday, July 16, 2012

Rant #1

Have you ever rented a house that went for sale on the market?

It SUCKS!!!!!!

Three months of getting kicked out for showings and having people randomly drive through the property while Cosmo's out playing. There was an open house for realtors last month and they dragged mud and pine needles from outside and tracked it all over our rugs and BATH MAT. My new friggin' Bed Bath & Beyond luxury memory foam bath mat.

Our furniture is always hand-me-down or used. Our night stands are boxes. So when I get something new I have a tendency of becoming anal about its upkeep.

For this afternoon's showing, Seb printed out a sign asking that people please remove their shoes. Guess what? Friggin' shoe print on the bath mat today!

We have been looking for a new rental since January. Who would have thunk it was so difficult to find something for the right price, privacy and pet friendly in Friday Harbor!

1 comment:

  1. :( People can be so inconsiderate! I hope you find something soon!