Friday, July 6, 2012

Island Living

Last weekend friends from the mainland surprised us with an impromptu visit... I found out an HOUR before they arrived. One of my favorite things about company is they force you to play tourist and remind you that you live in a beautiful place. It's easy to get into a rut with the routine and pretty soon all you see are the potholes you avoid on the road during your morning commute and the 100th deer of the week.

Last Sunday I saw something phenomenal: a huge pod of Orca whales swimming right along the road as we toured the island. I was blown away. I once took a friend on a whale watching tour when she visited me in Alaska and all we saw was a fin from 50 feet away.

I watched this pod spellbound, walking down a trail to the edge of the island. There were so many and you could even hear them. It was the highlight of my week and reminder of the paradise I'm lucky to call home.

I'm excited to share more on July 24th when I participate in Amanda Hocking's Watersong event leading up to the publication of Wake. I'm either doing a photo essay (something about island life) or video. I'm aiming for video and have been experimenting with the digital camera.

A fox. (And Cosmo going berserk.)

My view of Canada. (Vancouver Island as I pan to the right - across the ocean and last body of land at the end of the video.)

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