Monday, June 4, 2012

Week Three of the Spellbound Tour

For Spellbound's third and final week, we start off with three tour stops: 
The Making of a Series at The Bookish Babe. Did you know that Entangled was never intended as a trilogy, let alone book? It began as a novella.

I told Andrea at The Bookish Babe that my challenge in book three is keeping the romance YA appropriate, but as I worked on the book this weekend I realized what the true challenge is: Setting a book in a country I've never been - Spain!

Something Purple at Lili Lost in a Book. The inspiration behind Enchantment (Spellbound #3) and a steamy excerpt between Adrian and Gray. I wouldn't call it a spoiler so much as a teaser. ;)
And a recap of book one, Entangled, over at YA Bound with an excerpt called "See You Around."

The goal of this tour was 1) For readers to download a complimentary copy of Entangled during free amazon promo days AND 2) Sway them to actually want to read the book. I hope the excerpts throughout the tour have achieved this goal.


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