Sunday, June 24, 2012

Honorable Mentions

I'm not ashamed to admit I love seeing my name in print. I became a journalist not to write, but to see my byline. LOL Okay, kidding on that one. I've always loved writing stories both true and made up.

At Laura Howard's blog, Finding Bliss, Andrea with The Bookish Babe wrote a guest post on the right and wrong way to request reviews from bloggers. She gave two examples of recent authors who approached her right, including moi. "Nikki had all of her ducks in a row."

Author Rachael Wade wrote a travel bucket list and tickled me pink by listing as #3 "Make a new friend (author Nikki Jefford, I'm coming for YOU in San Juan.) See the list of authors I get to meet this summer. Yay!

Rachelia at Bookish Comforts commended me for taking reader feedback into consideration. Re: Slut shaming. See my lengthy, but heartfelt, comment to her post. I think it's important for an author to balance reader concerns while staying true to her voice.
What a thrill this week to find out Entangled had not only been nominated by the Goodreads group Shut Up & Read, but chosen as July's Book of the Month. Definitely the highlight of my week. Thank you to Tt and everyone at Shut Up & Read.

I was also touched to find Entangled on a 2012 Debut Authors (Young Adult & Middle Grade) Goodreads list created by The Story Siren. Come on over and vote! As of 2 p.m. Sunday, Entangled is #169.


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  2. Thanks for speaking about us!! We already have people going to buy your book for the read this month!

    I will make sure I stop by and vote for your book on the Debut Authors list!!