Sunday, June 17, 2012

Entangled the Paperback

Just saw that it appeared on Amazon.

I paid extra for expanded distribution, which can take up to six weeks.
My precious. (Proof copy)
I ordered some copies so I can do a couple giveaways here, Goodreads, and for a Summer Lovin giveaway hop next month.

Honestly, I'm flat broke and getting a bit freaked about the money I owe, but I plan to get myself out of this hole before the year is up. Snap! Like that. :)

So while I hate turning down requests for paperback review copies, please understand it is not in my budget. I did promise paperbacks to six people months ago and I will be mailing those out once the books arrive. (I'm a woman of my word.)

But! stay tuned for chances to Win! Win! Win!


  1. You can do it! We all go through a little budget problem before we rise up and become filthy rich! Bwahahaha. *cough* Okay... not filthy rich but enough to keep us going. You're awesome! <3 Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Yay. I am SO getting it the next time I shop at Amazon now that I know it's out. Need to have this one in my book collection. Simply gorgeous cover and can't wait to read it, too :)

  3. Wow. What a gorgeous, professionally-designed paperback.