Monday, May 28, 2012

Week Two: Duplicity (On Tour!)

Hello and welcome to Week Two of the Spellbound tour. If you’re reading this from America, Happy Memorial Day… lucky ducks! I have to work today.

Another day on the farm. I work for a wonderful lavender company.
Duplicity sold 167 books in its first week. I am beyond pleased.

Battle of the Books

As far as the first two books in the series go, there are currently two camps forming: Those who prefer Entangled and those who prefer Duplicity. 

It’s always interesting to see who likes which one better and why. A YA addict friend I met recently on a neighboring island called to say, “I just finished Duplicity. Thank god it got better.” Then she sorta backpedaled and said, “Not that Entangled wasn’t good!” I didn’t mind. The way she said it was cute and that’s the first time someone’s called me to rave about one of my books so I was floating on clouds the rest of the evening.

I’m receiving positive feedback about Adrian, thank goodness because he plays a big role in book three.

I’m not going to blab on too much about today’s guest posts because I do that in the posts. Don’t need a double dose. Then again this week has the Duplicity theme…

At my proof reader (and author) S. M. Boyce’s Blog: Love Thy Editor. (Learn from my mistakes!)

In England, it’s Movie Madness Monday at Gothic Angel Book Reviews with Spellbound the Sequel

(Any Sliding Doors fans out there?)

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