Thursday, May 24, 2012

FREE ebooks & On Tour! (4)

This is going to be quick because it was a late night and I'm in zombie mode. Can I show off a fun button, instead? : )

But first, I just found out that The Grimoire: Lichgates (a young adult epic fantasy adventure) by S.M. Boyce is free on kindle today and tomorrow. A little reading treat for the long weekend. Boyce is an amazingly talented author AND copy editor. I just recently "met" her and she worked on Duplicity (Spellbound #2). She's hosting a tour stop this coming Monday, May 28th called "Love Thy Editor."

Entangled is free again today, as well if you haven't already downloaded a copy. I appreciate everyone who has helped get the word out.

Today's stop:

Blake Gets the Itchies (and possibly an Entangled review) at Never Ending Stories.

Thanks to Tt for finding me on Goodreads with a review request.

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity!! I had a blast reading your work. :D