Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Day of FREE & On Tour! (3)

Why isn't there an Entangled ebook included in the Spellbound Swag Pack you ask? Because it's Free For Everyone! Today, tomorrow and Sunday on amazon kindle.

Today the Spellbound Tour stops in France at Once Upon a Quote and England at Books for Company.

It's been a pleasure getting to know Elodie over at Once Upon a Quote. Elodie left a comment at Xpresso Reads after Giselle included Entangled in her IMM (24). (Giselle is reviewing Entangled NEXT month. Woot!) Elodie admired my book cover; I admired her blog design; and low & behold - turns out we have the same designer: Najla Qamber! (Small world, right?)

Elodie lives in one of my favorite regions of France: Bordeaux. I had the opportunity to work north of Paris in Amiens an assistant d'anglais (great program!) - working with high school students on their English during the school year of 1999 - 2000. Before my time was up I fell in love with and MARRIED a Frenchman. Returned home with a little more than my suitcase on that adventure. :) (Married at age 22 and still together after 12 years. French love forever!)

Speaking of book covers and Naj... I'm very excited to share an inside look at the making of the Spellbound Trilogy book covers at Jodie's review site: Books for Company with Cover Talk.

And what do Jodie and I have in common? Our love of Westies! Jodie has a picture of Alfie on her blog header. Soooo cute! My Westie Cosmo is my pride and joy. He snuggles up against me when I'm reading and helps me brainstorm book ideas during our daily walks.

Merci and Cheers to my tour hosts and many thanks to all you lovelies checking out the stops.

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  1. Hahaha! Funny how we all meet. :D elodie's a friend before I designed her blog. She's awesome! :D <3 This makes the blogosphere feel so small! :D