Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Entangled: The Movie!

At this moment, a screenplay of Entangled is in the works.

It doesn't mean it will be turned into a movie. In fact, the percentage of screenplays that go into production even AFTER being optioned is small.

But a girl can dream big, right?

Sisters Sally and Gillian have their differences,
but they get on a lot better than the Perez twins.
A cousin who graduated top of his class in film school and an aunt who used to teach film started the script as a summer project. Once it's completed they plan to shop it around. Seeing the cast of Entangled brought to life on the big screen would be THE ULTIMATE!

That's dream #3. Dream #2 is to hold my book in my hands and that is about to happen. (Dream #1 was to publish a book.)

Entangled is coming out in paperback. My husband is working on formatting at CreateSpace and my designer is finishing the back cover and spine. (When I know the date I'll announce it here, twitter, goodreads, and Facebook.)

Duplicity will follow shortly in paperback.
The two Helen's are kept apart in Sliding Doors with different haircuts.
In Duplicity, one goes by the name "Lee", the other "Gray."

And on the subject of movies, three movie themed posts appear on tour this week.

Spellbound the Sequel is at Gothic Angel Book Reviews, in which I compare the writing of Duplicity to the filming of Sliding Doors.

On Thursday, Witches in Washington, goes up on Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf. Did you know that the movie Practical Magic was filmed on San Juan Island? I show photos from scene locations around the island.

Saturday, Bound author Kira Saito is posting Goblin Kings and Deleted Scenes at her blog with a couple clips from Labyrinth. Does it get any better than David Bowie in skintight pants?


  1. Movie? :O
    Um, AWESOME! That is seriously really cool!Seeing this series turned into a movie would just be fantastical!

    1. Thanks for all your enthusiasm, Lili.

      Four days till your stop! ;)

  2. I approve of your life. You like Practical Magic and Labyrinth. This makes you awesome. Labyrinth and David Bowie in those pants are a Saturday night tradition with my friends and me. What could be better than wine and 80’s fantasy movies?

    1. Patricia: Agreed!

      Can I spend Saturday night with you and your friends?

      Cheers to wine and all things 80's!

  3. So excited for you Nikki!!!!!!! There aren't enough witch movies. Can't wait till Saturday. You know how much I love my clips :P

    1. Thank you, Kira. I love being spurred on and I LOVE my writer friends and readers. :D

      Can't wait to see the post. It was such a good fit with you I couldn't resist. Thanks for letting me sneak on. ;)

  4. That's an amazing news Nikki :) !! I'm really hoping there will be a movie adaptation of your book : that would be incredible !! Congrats ;)

  5. What amazing and exciting news!!! I am so happy for you Nikki!!!