Monday, April 30, 2012

Spellbound International Blog Tour

Spellbound Trilogy International Blog Tour

Entangled & Duplicity

May 20 – June 7

Now Booking!


Evil Eye Amulet and Bracelet: In Duplicity, Gray wears a Turkish evil eye pendant, also known as a nazar, to protect herself from a magical backfire spell that’s causing havoc over the witches and warlocks in her coven.

Trick Coin: Two Grays are better than none, and two heads are better than one, especially when flipping over who gets to choose which movie to watch. Adrian returns in Duplicity this time opening up a magic/trick shop.

Entangled bookmark.


1) There will be a chance to enter the giveaway at every stop. I will provide an html code for you to paste into the post for your followers to enter the giveaway. (INTERNATIONAL)

2) Three chances to download Entangled FREE during amazon promo days: May 23, 24, & 27. Everyone’s a winner!

3) AND a bonus giveaway for Tour Hosts only. Participating blogs will automatically be entered the old school way: name written on a piece of paper to be drawn out of a jar during "The Reaping" vlog before the tour ends. (Date TBA.)

Thank you for your interest in the Spellbound Trilogy * International * Blog Tour
(May 20th – June 7th)

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