Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love Thy Editor

That wasn’t a manuscript – that was a landmine! (Sayeth Nikki about the final proof of Entangled.)

Which leads me to the 11th Commandment: Though Shall Not Publish Without Thy Editor.

I thought my manuscript was starched clean by the time it went to Christine LePorte. Even after being pre-proofed by a grammar whiz, the book was LITTERED with grammatical debris.

My favorite snafu: “review” mirror instead of “rearview” mirror. Groan!

I was extremely satisfied with Christine’s edits, email updates, timeliness, price, and great attitude.

No matter how many comrades you run your book past DO NOT, under any circumstances, throw it into the trenches to be blasted by reviewers before an editor has prepared you for battle.

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