Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review from an Actual TWIN

(and other quotables that complete me)

“Nikki has nailed the "twin" relationship beautifully. Being a twin myself, I could fully relate to the twin characters' banter and jealousy toward one another.

Entangled is a funny, romantic, suspenseful story that I simply couldn't put down.” – nsteiny12 on amazon

“Graylee and Charlene had me in stitches since the beginning of the story, then I just wanted to kill Charlene. Graylee's voice sucks you right in, and the fact that they are witches is pure awesome in my opinion. I think Nikki Jefford did a great job capturing the sisters' relationship.

And by the way, Raj is my new YA boyfriend.”

– Marilyn Almodóvar at Writing on the Sunny Side of the Street (review of Death by Chocolate anthology and novella version of Entangled: Spellbound)