Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Envious Author

“It is so hard to know what to say to friends who are struggling with their writing when yours is going well. I learned to play down my success, which I don’t think anyone should have to do.” 
– B. J. Daniels (Twelve-Gauge Guardian)

Heck no, girlfriend!

The timing of Janet Tronstad’s article “Secrets of Professional Jealousy” (Romance Writers Report, December 2011) was spot on. That same day I popped over to YA author Keary Taylor’s blog and read that film rights had been acquired to her dystopian thriller Eden.

I also received an email from online author friend, Kira Saito, sharing with me that her recently self-published novel, Bound, was on the bestseller list on amazon Kindle for children’s.

(Congratulations to both ladies!)

That odd mix of excitement and envy started swirling inside me and I turned back to Tronstad’s article to find a comment by Lenora Worth (The Doctor’s Family) that resonated with me:

“I’ve had spurts of professional jealousy, but this is how I decided to handle it. I have what I call professional envy. Envy is blue: you’re happy for your friend but a bit sad for yourself. But professional envy only makes me want to work harder, so envy is not a bad thing if it drives you to keep trying.”

That is what Keary and Kira have done for me. It is the success stories – the authors who make it – that drive me forward. There’s a certain thrill, especially when you “know” writers who are making it.

As Keary Taylor said (in regards to the movie deal): “This is pretty exciting, especially considering that I am a self-published author who was told “no” by more than 100 literary agents between all my books.” 

I am totally excited for her and not at all jealous. 

Nope, not one bit.

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  1. Great way to approach it!! IMHO there's plenty of success to go around. If someone succeeds, then that means I can too, and if it's one of my writer peeps? That's awesome!! The support in this community is incredible and I'm grateful for it. :D