Sunday, December 18, 2011

Death by Chocolate: Novella Finished

How am I celebrating? With champagne and chocolate naturally.

Finishing my submission was no mean trick. I had to take a 62,000 word (and counting) novel and chop it down to 14,000 words (ended up with 17,500 – maybe my beta readers will have ideas for trimming or maybe it’ll just be a bit longer). This meant cutting characters, removing scenes and writing new scenes to make it all flow – like a molten chocolate river.

I always make the mistake of thinking, “Novella? No problem!” But novellas require the same character development, story arcs and tidy endings.  

I am excited about this anthology and swapping stories with my writing buddy, Kira Saito, whose eBook Bound is currently a bestseller on Kindle. I look forward to reading all the stories to be included in this lip-smacking collection of YA paranormal romance.

I like my stories dark and delicious.

The anthology goes live for Kindle and other eReaders (can you tell what my preference is?) on Valentine’s Day 2012.

It looks like we’ll sell it for $2.99, but keep an eye out for giveaways!  


  1. You didn't link to the purchase page. Marketing #fail! Sorry, arts promotion is my religion. Can't wait to read my copy!

  2. Hey! Can't have a purchase page till the product's up: Valentine's Day 2012.

    This is one you'll definitely want to "bite" into. :)