Monday, October 24, 2011

Twilight Country

Just returned from an impromptu four day getaway in the Olympic Peninsula. The trip was a bit of a bust due to poor planning, crap weather and time constraints, but mostly because of all the No Dogs allowed signs at trail heads.

For the Full Report please check out my kick-off post at Death By Chocolate where I’ve teamed up with five talented authors to put together a YA paranormal anthology filled with romance, death, magic and chocolately goodness.

Release Date: Valentine’s Day 2012

Price: FREE

A four hour drive for this view in La Push, “Land of Jacob”. 

At least it wasn’t raining. (Our consolation beach.)
Banned from the trails, we take to the beach.

Seb wondering why he let Nikki plan this trip.


  1. Looks like you plan trips about as well as I do. :) Adventure! I love it when the coast is all misty and foggy, though. If we wanted sun, we'd live in SoCal. Ha! Bummer about you not being able to take your dog anywhere. Stupid rule.

  2. OMG Nikki I love your blog. How did you get this diary background theme onto your blogger blogspot? I need to fix my own blog, but I never thought blogger was as dynamic as wordpress.

  3. Thanks, Suz. I had a vegan blog for about 3 years on blogger than did a garden blog on Word Press for a couple months. I find blogger more user friendly and has features that cost extra on Word Press.

    I found a bunch of free fun backgrounds for blogger at this site: You can do searches, too. I searched for "notebook" and also "food."