Monday, October 31, 2011

Book of The Dead

I teamed up with five lady authors to write a YA paranormal romance novelette for an anthology we’re putting together: Death by Chocolate. (Being released Valentine’s Day 2012, free on Amazon Kindle.)

As I was writing my blurb for the book, it struck me that a lot of my stories center on death.

In my last completed historical romance the hero’s fiancé becomes engaged to another man when everyone believes Ethan to have perished in the wilds of America – which he nearly did.

The last historical I started involves a young woman people call The Black Widow because her husbands keep dying on her.

Aurora Sky dies in a car crash and is brought back to life as a vampire assassin in my YA novel Aurora Sky: Transfusion.

And now, in my latest YA WIP, Graylee Perez is a witch who dies and is brought back to life.

Looking back I noticed these projects were all started or written within the last three years, which is about the time I became hyper aware that our time here is limited.

It’s not a morbid obsession, but one that’s made me more productive and appreciative of life. I also find myself more aware that the people around me are on the same countdown and that’s been the hardest part to accept. 

I like that Halloween began as a day of honoring the dead. For all its commercialization, I see it as a family day: parents taking their kids to carnivals and trick-or-treating, watching scary movies with loved ones, getting in costume and going out with friends or significant others to dance the night away. I see it as a break from the routine. A moment. A snapshot. A time to celebrate this wonderful thing called life.

May the magic be with you.


  1. I love everything about it - except that you are giving it away for free. Can you charge $3.99 for it? $2.99? It gets harder to convince the world that writers and artists deserve to be paid for what they do, if writers and artists give it away. What you are doing is a beautiful thing; charge a little money and your readers will gladly pay. I say this lovingly, because I think you're worth it.

  2. Great input, Heidi (and thanks for your vote of confidence). The decision was made as a means of promoting each author's present (or future) ebook.

    It's a marketing maneuver in other words.