Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Older, Wiser and Unpublished

Life's greatest gift: Meeting your soul mate and growing old together.

Today I turned 34.

For the first time I feel old. Old in the sense that I get injured easier and take longer to recover.

In attitude. I’m far less selfish, noticeably calmer, more accepting of my place in the world and life’s limitations.

Seb pointed out a gray patch of hair on my head this summer, confirmed by a friend when I tried to deny their existence. Later Seb said the sweetest thing. “I think it’s cute.”

“Gong gray? Getting old?”

“I think it’s cute that we’re growing old together. That makes me happy.”

People always assume I’m younger than I am. I’ve got the good genes. (Thank you, Grandma.)

So now that I’ve established that I’m older and wiser – or if not wiser, older anyway (and no offense to those older than me, I’m simply embracing the word right now – letting it roll off my tongue) – Now that I’ve established this, I feel qualified to offer advice to aspiring writers.

Don’t let life pass you by!

Get the words down and keep at it. A page a day, whatever it takes.

I spent far too many years talking about becoming an author.

I put effort into other forms of written communication and if you can manage both, brilliant, just make sure the novel doesn’t take a back seat.

And now the good news – a little birthday surprise that cheered me this morning. I have started getting published under my erotica nom de plume, Louise Harvey, and had my second short piece published today at Ravenous Romance.

That’s the other gem about getting older – I don’t embarrass as easily. You heard me. I write sex stories.

 Happy Unbirthday and Write On! 


  1. I couldn’t agree more… I am glad you found your soul mate.
    It makes a huge difference when you have someone who believes in you.

  2. 34 is so not old, but I understand what you mean - you've reached a place where you have some perspective on the past, and what you want your future. Just wait until you lose your estrogen - it gets even better - the good news is that giving a sh** is hormonal!