Monday, September 19, 2011

Goal Setting

Now that we’re back from visiting long time Alaska friends in St. Louis, it’s time to get serious about goal setting and achieving.

I’m a great goal setter. I can set goals all day long. Follow through, that’s another matter.

I like multi-tasking goals. Why have one goal when you can have multiple? They almost always come down to three things: Write more, eat healthier and save/make more money. And they’re all connected, in a way – like pillars supporting an arch.

Eating healthier means better brain power, which leads to better output and usually means cutting out restaurant expenses and packaged goodies and, hopefully, money coming in from additional production.
Money is the key to becoming homeowners again, having property, a fruit orchard and vegetable garden. It’s security. It’s freedom. It’s time.

Always, I’m wishing for more time with my boys.

So, now that we’re back home, I’ve laid out my goals and it’s time to see them through. I have our weekly menu planned using new cookbooks from my favorite authors: Appetite For Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Color Me Vegan by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. The first book offers fast, filling and low fat recipes. I tried a couple before we left. Not the usual sugared and fried goodness from Isa, but I’ll adapt. Color Me V offers up antioxidant-rich, fiber-packed, color-intense meals. I have red, white, green and orange meals planned.

On the work front, I’m purple all the way and picking up my first order this morning.

On the writing front, I’m spending way too long hemming and hawing on which project to pick up. Do I edit Aurora Sky? (The opening scene needs a complete overhaul.) Do I finish where I left off (half-way in the middle) on a medieval romance novel? Do I write more short erotic pieces? Do I edit one of my historical romances and try to sell it? Do I outline my second Aurora Sky novel and get to work on it? Maybe I should sell or publish Book One first. Or should I start an entirely new novel?

I think it’s time to edit – an art in itself. I won’t have anything to sell if I keep piling up manuscripts without the final touch ups.

Red pen out, time for a bit of slash and dash on Aurora Sky. The ink marks will match the soup I’m making. 


  1. ooh, Appetite for Reduction, eh? I may have to check that out. We pretty much live off of Cooking Light in our house

  2. Smart move on the editing. You'll never sell anything if you don't get around to that. Hopefully you love editing as much as I do. :D