Friday, September 9, 2011

Behind the Times

I’ve always been behind on my pulp culture. Maybe it’s because we rarely watched TV growing up. I’ve (almost) always preferred books to TV and felt like I was born in the wrong time period. I’m constantly time traveling in my mind to earlier centuries.

Eventually I catch up and there are benefits – getting to watch back-to-back episodes of Friends without grueling waiting periods between seasons.

This year I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer convinced it would be the cheesiest series I’d ever clapped eyes on, but unwittingly I found myself sucked in and out of my mind when the show ended.

Which is how my Aurora Sky vampire series was born. I needed more Buffy. More snarky dialogue, dark humor and steamy byplay between a slayer and the vampire she’s incapable of killing. I wanted a girl who could kick ass, no need for a bad boy to save the day. The only saving she required was on the emotional level.

But vampires in 2011? That is so overdone and passé, right?

I wasn’t too concerned. Less than a year ago I was rolling my eyes at the vampire craze. I attended the Emerald City Romance Writer’s Conference last October where top agents and editors from New York declared that this was no passing phase.

Vampires are here to stay.

While I take industry experts on their word – the undead won’t die – I’m also aware of the shift towards werewolves and shape shifters. (Not to mention dystopian, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic.) When I think of a werewolf, I think ‘hairy’ not ‘hot’. (Except, of course, for Scott Speedman in Underworld.)

As the temptation to begin uttering, “I just don’t get it” nags on my tongue, I have to remind myself of the vampire.

I’ll get it eventually. It’ll just take me a few years longer than everyone else.


  1. Better late than never! I loved Buffy, my newest addiction is The Vampire Diaries. Though I'm not a huge vampire lover there is just something about the story that keeps me intrigued! DELISH!

  2. yeah I love Buffy too.
    I'm also amazed how long this vampire phase has lasted. I think it's because so many people are coming up with original and interesting vampire stories.