Monday, August 22, 2011

What Comes First? The Book or the Blog?

Reporting live from San Juan Island. Last month a group of hitchhikers tried to tell me the lighthouse featured in The Ring was filmed on a neighboring island. They canoed over from St. John’s Island to see the new Harry Potter flick and needed a ride from the theater to Roche Harbor.

According to movie trivia, there is no Moesko Island and the real lighthouse is located in Newport, OR. 

If I’m gonna give you a lift, at least regale me with factual info.

Moving On:

An offhanded request for help customizing my blog quickly escalated into a heated debate with my husband who asked what the point was when I have no book for sale. My answer: Networking, building readership and having the site up and ready when it came time to announce the availability of said book(s). And let’s not forget the fun factor.

Right before turning back to his computer, popping in his earbuds, and queuing Battlestar Galactica on NetFlix he said, “That’d be like me opening up a car dealership with no cars.”

See how well I took his advice.


  1. I've gotta go with you on this one, Nikki. It's becoming increasingly important for writer's to have an online presence -- published or not.

  2. The internet is the way to go! I like to have my computer read to me which makes it a lot easier for me if I can do that.